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Viking/Finnish Metal

When I first used to listen to Dark Lunacy, I knew they were Italian.
And I went on a forum saying they were, and a die hard fan said they were german! So I thought an 'expert' would know better...
Musn't be too die hard if he doesn't know the originality.
Hahaha. That's pretty bad.

I can guarantee you that they're Italian, though. I know this from my learnings and having listened to Dark Lunacy quite a few times in my day.
I don't use metal archives, I'm not the kind of guy that goes and checks out every random band on every obscure blog. I do check new shit and keep up with some things, but I don't know every obscure band out there.

I prefer actually buying CD's. I download first, if I like, then I buy. I like having a physical music outlet. I will end up checking these bands out one day but not now.
Okay. ;D I was just wondering how you knew that they were Italian if you'd never listened to them. I assumed you looked it up on Metal-Archives.

And I also prefer buying CDs. I actually used to work in a CD store that went out of business...
I remember you from long long ago. Global domination is this www.globaldomination.se

It's a metal webzine, but it's better than anything else because the reviewers have a sense of humour. And the guy that runs it is the bandleader of The Project Hate.
This thread inspired me to listen to Battle Metal again. \m/

I really, really hate Turisas' promo shots.

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