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What do you think of fellow forumgoers? (Again!)


you know what? hell yeah let's necro this thread. let's necro it until we have enough positivity to weigh out all of the whatever the hell was going on back in 2012

besides being The Almighty Admin and all of that, Butterfree is so much fun to be around! it's like you always end up laterally getting into whatever she's currently into
kyeugh is a good friend who I'm always glad to have on board!
Flora is precious!
Negrek is also tons of fun to be around, there's someone who knows how to extract the maximum enjoyment out of a given thing
ILS is chill and nice and also very useful for purposes of not being the only latina in a given room around here

I should do more but I have a poor sense of who's Properly Back in the forums


Man I always thought you were cool as hell eifie. You were like, one of The People that I thought was cool to talk with/ hang around, especially as a youngun on here. And you're still dope! So there's that :)


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I can't say i'd go into detail about everyone because i would inevitably leave someone out.
Please, if i leave you out, do not be offended i just pulled a big stupid.

-Butterfree - For making this Amazing website along with the nicest forum on the Internet, a decently cool fanfiction and a bunch of cool sprites from when you were younger. Oh and you made sutoraiku high. And a bunch of cool guides. Honestly i could go on and on, but i can spend hours on your website (and i have). Actually Butterfree's personality is cool in general too.

-Negreck - Hmm... i don't know too much about negreck but negreck has a cat and I think a fanfiction and negreck created 'Create stuff and Chill" which is an award-winning idea, or should be anyway.

-Jirachu - For being a friend, you think my posts are cool and your pretty cool and your just so happy and it brings the energy up in the forums and makes everyone positive and happy.

-Eifie - For being almost as popular as me.

-Kung-fu-ferret - For confusing the heck out of me when i introduced myself, and then being pretty helpful and making that new fake-region, ultimately leading to me making sprites again, better than before!

-Kyeugh - For being cool and funny and for blowing me away with your poetry. I thought only old people liked poetry other than me.

-Bluwiikoon - for being really cool and your art is cool and your website and i really like nosepass now.

-Greninlucazarlup - For making me practice everyday and now i can say your name three times fast.

-Kratos Aurion - For making phoenixdex, i mean it's not super forum related but i used to spend hours browsing that. Good job.

-RubyBlaze - Im super excited for the roleplay!!

-Trinket - For declining my grunt work.

-Myuma - For being cool and posting things that are almost always in the realm of "oooh, thats interesting"

I think that's all dang im out of breath. Oh wait.
And all of you for putting up with me bye.
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she, they
Don't get upset if I leave you out :P

IndigoEmmy - my fellow tcod newbie! :D Keeping the forum alive with how often you post. You have a lot of interesting ideas and I especially like the PoemDex, which I hope continues to be active!

mewtini - You always seemed like one of the "cool kids" on here, so I wasn't expecting to interact with you much - and then we did end up speaking briefly, which was nice! You seem like an interesting person.

kyeugh - You write fanfiction - lots of it, actually! And make some nice art too. Tends to write posts in all lowercase.

RedneckPheonix - For some reason I think you're the same person as Kratos Aurion...? Are you?!

Eifie - mostly active on sections of this place I don't frequent, but you have Henry as your profile pic, so that automatically puts you a rank above the rest.


sorry guys, don’t lose
mewtini - You always seemed like one of the "cool kids" on here, so I wasn't expecting to interact with you much - and then we did end up speaking briefly, which was nice! You seem like an interesting person.
oh my goodness. i'm glad at least one person thinks i'm cool hahah, but no! i love interaction. i wish you luck with diffeq :') and i'm always around to talk! you also seem super interesting

maybe i'll return to this thread l8r to avenge myself for what i posted here in my past life


sorry guys, don’t lose
alright maybe we'll come back to this eventually. not 100% which of my friends are actually still currently active so this is a lil haphazard, buuut

eifie is v cool! i wish i talked to her as much as i used to but i'm glad that we've stayed friends for so long :0 i used to look up to her a lot and, ok, who am i kidding, i still do. my queen, my idol :')
indigoemmy and i haven't talked to each other much but i see her around often and she reminds me a lot of myself, in a weird way! maybe bc i used to also be really into spriting and was just getting into webmastering after i joined? and also because i went by indigo for so long ahaha.
herbe and i haven't interacted but i've thought he was really cool since he joined years back! always wanted to talk to him but somehow never ended up doing that :(
used to be a good friend of mine and then we never quite reconnected after i disappeared for literally 3 years lol. but he is also awesome! so awesome! i follow him on twitter and i think of What Could Have Been of our friendship. i miss you bro. hit me up
butterfree was sort of my idol when i was a kid, but i think that now that i'm not literally nine years old i can now genuinely appreciate how cool and interesting of a person she's always been. also, i literally would not have learned anything about web development if i hadn't stumbled across tcod in like 2008 (nor would i have ended up here, obviously) so it's weird to think of The Impact
myuma is also very cool and is my comrade in mathematics! someday we'll talk more and become comrades in ~friendship~.
keldeo and i also don't talk that often but i distinctly remember him being incredibly sweet. i think he's welcomed me back each of the many times i've resurfaced here and every time i'm like :D
superbird was one of my first friends here! and we also don't talk much anymore but i could never leave him out of one of these posts!!
mawile was a good friend of mine from the beforetimes and i'm super glad to see him back!
kyeugh, redux is a really close friend of mine! it surprised me so much when she still remembered me after literal years of silence but i'm v glad she did. tbqh she's lowkey me, but better at everything that i like doing (we even both type in lowercase.....,) but it's fine ig >:( in all seriousness though! she's a true homie who has gotten me through some of the worst parts of my life lol and i'm always grateful to have her on board uwu
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- Jirachu - For being one of my best friends. I love posting and talking with her. A lovely person who is always up for helping a friend. She's super fun to hamg around with too.

- IndigoEmmy - A recent friend of mine who has made lots of great posts on here so far. She's fun to message too.

- Melanie - A great friend of mine that is so good to talk to. I always enjoy messaging Melanie.

- Butterfree - For creating this awesome forum.


oh sure, it's been like 5 years

butterfree - site and forum runner, someone very intelligent and intimidatingly well-spoken when I was younger! now more in the "cool person I would like to get to know" category

negrek / kratos aurion - clearly the same person, idk how you're getting away with multi-accounting!!! seriously tho I think you both fall into a similar online tone of being clearly smart and on the ball, friendly but a little intimidatingly good at apparently everything you involved yourselves in? (again, I also thought you were both very cool and very intimidating as a younger tcod person. and admittedly kept you apart mostly by "kratos likes tales of symphonia, clearly")

windy - cool friend!! we've been tumblr mutuals for a Very Long Time. I kind of hope to see her around here again, it'd be extremely nostalgic

flora - a cool friend and tumblr mutual, we send each other oc ask memes sometimes!!

eifie - an established name that I remember, but honestly seeing your memeing and posts now has been really great, you seem just. very fun as a person!! pls spam wooloo gifs in the rp forever

mewtini - I remember you as a younger user, and tbh it's like. surreal and cool to see you around older and with your own developed aesthetic and stuff???

there's a bunch of people whose names and presences I recognize and even if I don't have concrete thoughts beyond "tcodf person! familiar!!!" it has been very cool to just. see them actively. I am def very emotional about tcodf as a formative online experience and being able to return to it, especially when so much of the web feels ephemeral and fleeting rn


oh man, good times.
is windy Windyragon?! yoo we used to hang out in person but that was like 5 years ago now. I had the impression that she was basically not interested in tcodf anymore but if you hit her up who knows :O


yep!!! we had originally had plans to meet up in meatspace but I am lazy and bad at commuting downtown iirc

I can surmise that she saw butterfree's post on tumblr about the forum revival so she's probably not interested unfortunately?? but perhaps I will poke her and see