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What is it with me and forums


has a BONE to pick with you
I always end up registering on all sorts of forums in hopes of finding people with similar interests. Maybe it's just because I like rambling on about my favourite things? Maybe it's just the fact that Black and White are coming?

So yeah. The username's Equinoxe (named after an amazing album by Jean Michel Jarre, who happens to be my favourite musician) as you can see.
I'm a fellow Pokemon fan (naturally), game nerd and a so-called artist so you'll be seeing me around the artsy parts of this forum.
I'll try my best to behave B]
now, header, please get out of my sight


Why yes, it exists
Welcome, artsy guy. Perchance, do you do much spriting? Or are you just into drawing/painting or graphics?


has a BONE to pick with you
I happen to do some spriting (and I should be doing more but eh procrastination). Pixel art is fun sometimes so I pixel, I even made a thread for my horrible pixel barfs just now.
Also drawing, painting, sometimes graphics stuff too. Anything goes.