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What's your birthday on the the tCoD Zodiac?


Goddess of Death
Mar 19: The Day of Mesprit, Reign of Mesprit, Season of Water. ...That's a lot of Mesprits.

In Generation 5, I had "The Day of Swalot, Reign of Victini, Season of Fire". Just kind of laughing over the Swalot thing since I love to eat...

In Generation 4, I had "The Day of Combee and Vespiquen, Reign of Latias, Season of Emotion". This is ironic because two things: I hate wasps and always flip out when one gets near me; and I prefer Latios.

In Generation 3, I had "The Day of Aggron, Reign of Registeel, Season of Earth". My favorite of the bunch. Aggron, woop~


The finchiest of widgets
March 21st, so I'm the Day of Alomomola (that's Alomomola backwards!) in the Reign of Mesprit, in the Water Season.


Hidden Leaf Ninja

Absol is pretty cool! When the new zodiac comes out I'll probably get something that is not as good though.