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  • You see? You're trying to kill the judge, and killing people is very naughty, even if they do wear a dressing gown in public.

    Therefore, I hereby declare you NAUGHTY of all charges.
    Tell it to the judge.
    Hm, I'm getting an error message when I click them :o

    "Redirect Loop

    Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete."
    I clicked one. :3 The one that is now a Croagunk. *clicks the rest*

    I can't think why my eggs aren't hatching.
    No. Because I was waiting to go home and therefore not for a date to arrive. xD

    And nobody said anything, it just occured to me that's what it might have looked like. :3
    I'm good ^.^ Despite having to work all day. And sitting in a restaurant alone at a table marked RESERVED on Valentine's day for half an hour waiting to go home so must've made me look like I was being stood up by someone. xD
    Fate wanted to hit him with a bus. But he prevented that and the forces of destiny got real pissed off. xD

    I love your avvy, by the way.
    We've learned the lesson of the guy who stayed in bed all day of Friday 13th to avoid bad luck, and was killed when his bed fell through the floor. xD
    I'm pretty OK :D Had a surprisingly lucky Friday 13th. xD Not that I believe such things. How about you?
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