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  • Not technically, I had to runaround the school to find Sam's lost backpack, Bodhi picked up my notebook which I use to track down guess who - Bodhi. And no book for a week because of vacation. (ARGHAGHGRRARGH)
    Ridicolusly happy. Although Sam's off on a judo competition, Bodhi utterly says something to me (OMG!! *blush*)) and Sebastian is acting like a drunk pervert, and Christian is acting like a retard. 5th grade boys. Sigh.

    (Well, Bodhi's in sixth grade, but you get my point.)
    No problem ^^ It's very rare that I meet someone who likes Alakazam, and I've made quite good friends in the past through nothing other than the fact we share a favourite Pokémon. xD

    And sure we can be friends, I'll just go send you a friend request.
    Hey Alakazam! ^^ Since you're a fellow Alakazam fan, I thought I'd drop by and welcome you to TCoD in person :D Albeit two days late. ><

    Anyway, enjoy your stay and feel free to chat to me if you need a pal ^^ Not that you'd want to, but meh.

    In Greek mythology, Callisto is a wood nymph who falls in love with Zeus, gets turned into a bear, and killed by her own son. Then Callisto was turned to the constellations Ursa Major and Minor. Creepy, but cool.
    Surprising, huh? I'm guessing you're older.
    Eh, I woud've never guessed how old Kali the Flygon is.
    Eh, I'll go roleplay for a while.
    Sure! Anything going on?
    You know, I get all nervous talking to strangers in real life, but on forums I'm completely different. It's just that I talk to older people all the time. Being 10, I'm one of the youngest people here, so...
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