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Recent content by Astral

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    The Absence Sheet

    ..great. :( So, my family has all decided that we get to vacation out to Wyoming over the next two weeks to "see some family". At any rate, though, I'm going to be stranded in the middle of nowhere for two weeks with little to no internet connection. I do have all of the stuff I need to write...
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    Jack_the_PumpkinKing vs Astral

    Last thing I do 'afore vacation. D; Anyways, Pirrk, it looks like things are going up for us. See if you can get a Psychic in and mess with her head; a lowering in Special Defense could help us a bit here. If for some reason you can't quite pull a Psychic off, create a substitute (10%) here...
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    Grass King vs Blazheirio889

    Grass King's Team (OO) Simba (M) <Intimidate> Health: 68% Energy: 80% Status: Well, if it gets a break, so do I. -1 Accuracy, +1 Attack blazheirio889's Team (OO) Ventus (F) <Guts> Health: 88% Energy: 72% Status: Taking a breather under her Protect. -1 Attack, moderately paralyzed...
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    Jack_the_PumpkinKing vs Astral

    Mmm.. that poisoning is rather annoying. :/ Okay, we're on opposite sides of the cube, so unless it rotates against our favor, I doubt that the taunt will work. So, let's go for a Chill the first action, and then Chill again, and preferably a third time if you can do it. If the Taunt does work...
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    The Absence Sheet

    Yeah, er, I recently became a moderator at a large forum, and that coupled with a couple of real-life stuff is really grinding me for time at the moment. I'll do my best, but I may probably miss a couple of DQ times by a day or two. Just saying so here. :/
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    Grass King vs Blazheirio889

    Simba has Intimidate; I tried to mention it before the battle, that Ventus was a bit intimidated. Sorry if I didn't make it stand out a bit more D:
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    The Challenge Board

    Oh. I apologize, then.
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    Grass King vs Blazheirio889

    ((Blargh.. sorry for the late-ness.. I just realized how the DQ was three days and I already was a day late. make that two D: ;o;)) Like many of the other stages favored by TCoD's ASBrawlers, Doubleland is a place far away from normal reality. The stage is pure white, almost as if the trainers...
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    Bank of TCoD

    $6 + 6 + 3 = $15
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    Jack_the_PumpkinKing vs Astral

    Argh.. I should have said something about Gohma preventing sleep, but.. Anyways, things are about to get crazy. We don't have any way to hold ourselves down to the cube, so.. I want you to get in close to Gohma. Try and get on the same square of the cube if you can; if not, it's fine. Once...
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    Astral vs Wyvern

    'Kay, Rotia. Good job so far. First, we shall Toxic the mutt, and give him a little nasty to deal with. Follow up with Swagger, and see if you can lead 'em to one of the stone structures. If she does follow, try to encourage her to use some sort of physical move; then, at the last moment, pull...
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    Reffing fixed. You've got the next round of attacks, too. ;D Also, I apologize for the delay; I...

    Reffing fixed. You've got the next round of attacks, too. ;D Also, I apologize for the delay; I had to rewrite it twice, because halfway through the first one my power went out and I hadn't saved any of it. D;
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    Pokémon Registration Office

    Re: Pokémon Registration Office Got a small question: if I wanted to change the nickname of any of my Pokemon, do I have to state the change here? Or am I allowed to simply edit it in my profile?
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    Jack_the_PumpkinKing vs Astral

    Alright, Pirrk! We're on a roll! :D Anyways, Gohma's sleep is probably not going to last for much longer. I want you to stay in close; shoot off as many Zen Headbutts this round as you can. If at any point she wakes up, try to hold her down and Yawn right in her face. Next round, girl, we'll...
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    Skymin vs Prettzel

    Yeah, um.. I probably just deserve a couple of headsmacks for that one. Both of those, actually. My whole reffing could probably use a rewrite, then; so no attacks until I redo that, for now. I'm pretty sure I just.. tried to rush myself into writing it too quickly. I will do that as well.