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Recent content by Cap'n Sofa

  1. Cap'n Sofa

    Yes! Yes I am! I don't really post a lot anymore but I come around and check up on the place...

    Yes! Yes I am! I don't really post a lot anymore but I come around and check up on the place. How've you been?
  2. Cap'n Sofa

    The "Fwee" Thread

    that feeling when you hear your friend's voice for the first time
  3. Cap'n Sofa

    Borderlands 2

    Who all is looking forward to Krieg? He seems pretty badass to me.
  4. Cap'n Sofa

    What do you call sugary, carbonated, unhealthiness?

    Pop, actually. Just about everyone around here calls it that. Soda's the only other term around here that isn't 100% guaranteed to get some weird looks.
  5. Cap'n Sofa

    Greatest Fears/Phobias

    The only real phobias, the ones that can get me to cry, are needles and being eaten alive or depictions of it. Other, minor fears include the dark, absolute silence, and being burned alive. I've always been comfortable around spiders and heights though.
  6. Cap'n Sofa

    A Survey of Favourite Things

    Anything I wasn't sure of isn't on here. Music Favourite Artist: Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Pink Floyd Favourite Album: Once by Nightwish Favourite Song: Ghost Love Score and Last of the Wilds by Nightwish, Echoes by Pink Floyd Favourite Genre: Metal Literature Favourite Book: Persepolis by...
  7. Cap'n Sofa

    If you had a tail...

    Scorpion tail, or Ankylosaur tail. Something I could use and would look really cool.
  8. Cap'n Sofa

    The "Fwee" Thread

    OH MY GOD I REMEMBER THESE GAMES. wow did like all of tcod play this as kids
  9. Cap'n Sofa

    Heh, you're welcome. Have a pleasant day!

    Heh, you're welcome. Have a pleasant day!
  10. Cap'n Sofa

    Bands you have seen live.

    None, actually, but I'll be seeing Nightwish in September, assuming my parents comply.
  11. Cap'n Sofa


    Well, this looks cool. The Federation of Lacinji exists as of a few seconds ago if anyone would be interested in it.
  12. Cap'n Sofa

    #tcod tutorial 2.0

    This is the problem. I have #tcod in the channels thing in the Veekun network, so I don't know why it's doing this.
  13. Cap'n Sofa

    #tcod tutorial 2.0

    It's telling me I "have not registered" when I try to join the #tcod channel. Anyone know why that is?
  14. Cap'n Sofa

    Two birthdays for the price of one!

    Well happy birthday, then! :D
  15. Cap'n Sofa

    Energy Drinks

    I don't really drink energy drinks except for like, a red bull once a year, so I'm just going with Bonk! because a little radiation could never hurt anyone or anything.