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  • trung tâm tiếng anh thành lập công ty tổng đài tư vấn pháp luật học kế toán tại bắc ninh nhạc sàn hống SCC, giương mắt nhìn chằm chằm vào bốn chiếc Chiến đấu cơ Diều Hâu Xám đang gào thét lượn vòng không ngừng trên không trung, nhìn thấy ở phía chân trời xa xa, bốn đầu Chiến đấu cơ Vận binh Sâu Sóm đã dần dần có thể nhìn thấy rõ ràng hình dáng khủng bố của nó, khẽ liếm liếm môi mấy cái, thế nhưng cũng không lên tiếng.

    Đúng vào lúc này, bên trong khoang điều khiển hôn ám đột nhiên vang lên thanh âm cảnh báo khẩn cấp phi thường bén nhọn! Báo hiệu một sự nguy hiểm cực độ sắp xảy ra!

    Cặp mày của Hứa Nhạc nhất thời nhíu chặt lại, không rõ ràng thanh âm cảnh báo là từ c
    Haha. I told you, I don't use the damn thing! I thought you just wanted to chat. But well, if it's any consolation, the one friend I have added is Shadow. You might want to friend her.
    I technically have an account, but I don't use it. There is nothing on the wall. But we can use it to talk if you want?
    Needing to work harder than other people would make anyone bitter. But don't you like any of your classes at all? If you can enjoy your work you might feel less bitter for it, and you might get higher grades, which seems a reasonable alternative to the "imagining a sunny future after this is all over" option.

    I've got to go now, for today. Go on and reply, and we can continue this tomorrow, if it's helping, or we can talk about something else.
    You can do it, but it will be easier if you let yourself cheer up, so that you haven't got constantly to wade through pessimism. Doesn't your music help? (Or does it turn you pensive, and even less cheery?)
    It's harsh to say - but perhaps you should just devote yourself to schoolwork until the summer. At least it gives you a purpose. When the summer comes and all the stress is over, then you can decide what to do with your life.
    Sorry, I went back and changed a couple of words before I saw you had replied. What you said still stands. If you're not feeling optimistic, why don't you try making a TCoD RPG or something?
    Avoiding revision for crucial exams, eternally refreshing webpages, listening to more and more Bach, talking to the same people on Pidgin, indispensable friends though they are, going to school and being late for school, being tired, and, in short, being very cheerful.
    I'm not asking you to start using it! I only wanted to know whether you used it at the moment. Any way, I'm not sure what else to talk about. What have you been doing outside school?
    I never use IRC. I mean, I could, if you are dying to talk. But don't you remember - there was a whole story arc in my life where I resisted switching to IRC, and struggled to get everybody else to continue using IM? Haha. You were one of those people, I think.
    Not really! Once I'm at university, I'll see how things go. Do you use instant messenger at all?
    No one I speak to at school has drawn up plans for the future in any detail. Some have a vague feeling of direction, and some are completely uncertain.
    Really? I always thought a language degree was a very respectable degree to have.
    It's not set where I am going for university, if I get to go at all. But, yes, I will stay in Britain.

    Do you intend to go? And if you do, what will you study?
    You're not talking too much about yourself! I need to catch up with what you have been doing since we last spoke, which was a long time ago. What I can not understand is how you got a GPA of 1.8 if nowadays you get As and Bs so easily.

    Education-wise I am nearing the end of school. There are some important exams soon, but after them it will be the summer, and after that I hope it will be university.
    You Americans take such a variety of subjects in one go. Which of those do you reckon you can get As in?
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