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I've loved Pokémon as long as I can remember, have broken 3 bones (all hand related), if past lives are real, I may have been a wolf or Japanese, because many words I make up sound Japanese, and I'm obsessed with both. :3

My pet resume: 2 dogs (three if you count Reggie, but I barely remember him), too many fish to count (think our water purifier-thingy killed them), 8 hamsters (last one died in '08), and 11 Guinea pigs (did I mention I got my first one in '07? Long story, PM to hear it!)

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March 11
OMG STALKER!! *slaps*
Uh, student/Eevee enthusiast/(hopeful) future author?


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Random Eeveelution Dictionary Words:
Miyoku: Expression used when sad, like the way you curse when mad.



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