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Recent content by Frostagin

  1. Frostagin

    Describe your favorite video game and make it sound as bad as possible.

    prays I got the game right lol Idk all I can figure is that there's a coffee guy, and then you think he's the bad guy, but then he actually turns out to be the good guy kind of. Also the math guy seems like he should be a bigger bad guy than he actually is. How can you be obsessed with math and...
  2. Frostagin

    Rate the song above you

    7/10! Pretty great, even though I don't know anything about Guan Yu (?). I'd rate it higher, but I have a grudge against Mulan due to having to watch it too many times. HUNTING FOR YOUR DREAM - GALNERYUS here it is, my jam. aka the second ending theme for Hunter x Hunter (2011).
  3. Frostagin

    So, Nintendo's now doing a type personality quiz.

    *mutters about lack of PokeGO teams before picking* Anyways: Fairy, huh? Well, I guess that's not so bad! I like Fairy types! though I am kinda disappointed about not being a Dragon I l o v e d r a g o n s
  4. Frostagin

    Vending Machine Game

    Out comes LOTSA SPAGHETTI In goes a plushie dragon
  5. Frostagin

    Favourite Internet Memes

    i'm super duper partial to the to be continued meme i don't even watch jjba (just a warning tho some of those are like... terrifying cliffhangers)
  6. Frostagin

    Game Recommendations

    I love me some Kingdom Hearts, but I'm also awful at it tbh. I've got a game rec that I think EVERYONE should at least give a chance. It's an underrated, underground Square Enix game. (Also, it's a world in the aforementioned Dream Drop Distance, and is implied to come back in KH3 and I am so...
  7. Frostagin

    What's Your Favorite Pokémon?

    Re: What's Your Favorite Pokémon? I'm partial to Blaziken and Lucario myself. I know, I know, "Frost stop picking the Pokémon everyone likes!" but they're so cool er my fave underrated is Infernape though..... He made it in just before Fire/Fighting got super lame in my opinion pwq oh and...
  8. Frostagin

    Hooo boy it's been a while

    OH MAN I HAD NO IDEA SO MANY PEOPLE WERE STILL AROUND DANG it's cool to see y'all again! :D And also nice to meet you, Kung Fu Ferret!
  9. Frostagin

    Hooo boy it's been a while

    Hey there guys! It's been.... A good four years since I've been on TCoD? I joined when I was twelveish, I'm pretty sure, but I figured since I've been gone for so long (and I'm older and more mature now) I may as well reintroduce myself, since people don't know me anyway. Hi there! I'm Mike...
  10. Frostagin

    Hello! I'm a New Person!

    And here is your customary Faygo. It comes in rainbows as well. hOnK :o) Your spriting's pretty good also.
  11. Frostagin

    ah i shall go and offer

    ah i shall go and offer
  12. Frostagin

    What's your favourite shape of pasta?

    Same here. Though I love slurping spaghetti.
  13. Frostagin


    I love Animaniacs. Period. I LOVE IT.
  14. Frostagin

    Do You Like To Wear Shoes?

    Nah. I don't mind sneakers (especially if they're cheap which i'll explain in a second), but high heels are hell to walk in after a while. Especially if you're wearing them for Halloween. I'd know, I was River Song. The reason I like cheap ones is because the soles aren't as thick and I can feel...
  15. Frostagin

    Music Shuffle Game

    1.) Describe your first date: While My Guitar Gently Weeps 2.) Describe your personal religion: Another Brick In The Wall (Part II) 3.) What you think of your current hometown: She Blinded Me With Science 4.) What you feel guilty about: England's Marukaite Chikyuu (wat.) 5.) What embarrasses...