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Recent content by Harvest Ty

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    Open The New Emissary

    Boomer definitely did not expect this. Not in a million years would he believe a place like this existed. It was dark, not the comforting kind of dark that a boo would like, but unatural, almost black, but a deep purple. Instead of true darkness it was evil. Paths similar to auroras, laced with...
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    [OOC][Open] The New Emissary

    So what is planned next? Are we going to start soon?
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    Movie Mafia

    Italy from that Hetalia movie. :'P
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    [OOC][Open] The New Emissary

    Hehe...I guess I should pay more attention. I guessed there would be because it'd be akward with genderless boos...Yeah. I'm stupid
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    [OOC][Open] The New Emissary

    I went with a Fanchacter. Name: Boomer Franchise/Series: Mario(Luigi's Mansion) Side: Evil/Tabuu/bad guys Gender: Male(If boos had genders, do they, it's not really specified...) Age: 150 Species: Boo Appearance: Boomer is a bit larger than most Boos but otherwise, he is...
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    Quirky Mafia

    (On a side note, I am moving and will be mostly inactive for a while.)
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    Quirky Mafia

    Abstain Forgot
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    Quirky Mafia

    Anyone? I guess since there's still nothing to go on, I'll abstain.
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    Mafia Idea Center

    I have an idea for a reverse Luigi's Mansion Mafia (where ghosts are town) where E-Gad makes an invention that ends up turning everyone into Generic looking ghosts, upon this point E-Gad discovers that he can fix their ghostly affliction, but needs the ghost to be eliminated. The ghastly group...
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    Internet Mafia

    Methinks this died/already played. :'o
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    Nightclan Joining Page!!!

    This just might be the wrong place for this rp. :'/
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    Quirky Mafia

    What? That makes absolutely no sense at all. Am I supposed to stay quiet and not imput information and opinons as town? Because that's what it sounds like to me. All I'm doing is discussing and creating disscusions. That's how you can get other players to talk and slip.
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    Quirky Mafia

    Hey I liekSquirtles are smileys your quirks? Also why the vote on Squirtles?
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    Quirky Mafia

    That would make sense. If the Poisoner was non Mafia Affiliated, they could've targeted him not knowing he was poisoned, and then he was Jailed. I'm really curious as to what a cleric is.
  15. H

    Quirky Mafia

    Wait but if light was poisoned, why would Mafia attack him as well? We had a death in N0 that was an outright kill. Light was poisoned. I see no reason for the overkill, unless they suspected there was a poison doctor. Otherwise, I don't know. So maybe there was some sort of indirect kill...