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  • To correct Markku... You forgot a caterpie.

    And call Mewtindigo Martini >:D cause I'm evil like that.
    To answer your question about the Egg:
    If you mean the word "Egg" then all you have to do is go to User CP, then to Edit Your Details. A bit down, there's a box that says Custom User Title. You can change it there.

    If you mean the banner with the Egg image, that changes as your post count goes up. I do believe it goes Egg>Metapod>Butterfree or something along those lines.

    Hope I helped :D
    ohmygosh so many new members. YAY

    Welcome to TCoD! I am Mewtini, or currently Indigo. You can call me either of those, as well as slight variations of them (i.e. Indi, Indy, Mewt, Mewy, 'tini). Have a nice stay here~

    also HAPPY EASTER (if you celebrate it)
    Hai! Welcome to TCoD! (curse you Markku, beating me to the welcome) I'm the resident eccentric here! xD You can Silver or any other form of my name from the past! Enjoy your stay and if you get lost feel free to ask for help :3 There's always someone willing to help ^^
    Hello there!
    I prefer to introduce myself through VMs rather than intro threads themselves.
    I am Markku, the resident bass player here. :3
    Welcome to TCoD! Enjoy your stayy.
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