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  • Same here (The cold and rain not being at the same time), but then again the weather where I live is FREAKIN UNPREDICTABLE. Seriously. The day my mom was born it was snowing, but the next day it was over 80 degrees fahrenheit! XD
    Crazeh weather... @.@
    No. 8D We had some last Tuesday and missed school for it (thankfully it wasn't Wednesday; I would hate to have to miss an exam) but it all melted by Friday. We get the freezing temperatures, we get the rain, but hardly ever at the same time... and when we do get it it's in January. No white Christmases here :(
    Wonderful! XD
    Has your area been getting a lot of snow recently? Missed any school?
    GREAT 8D I'm playing FireRed and for the first time in a long time actually /catching/ things, waiting for my fixed Crystal to come back and generally being happy.
    Eh, I saw you post something that said you were called lakey or something... Nevermind..

    Hai Leafpool! How's your life going?
    Sorry, I just like to talk with random people. ^.^;;;;

    Eh, so would you like to chat?
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