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  • Hello, Ibiku, m'colleauge! I think you will be glad to know that the grumpy guy in my head, Hovel got the money to pay my brain bill, so I got my funtioning juices back!
    Translation into non-blaspemy talk: I took a nap, what'd you do?
    No, you don't know me.. But I'm all for making new friends! How is you... Or something?

    TAILIAX! *huggles* it's nice to see you! My favorite part of the forums would have to be the forum games. It's easy to have fun and rack up a lot of posts there! *looks at new metapod status*

    Hi Darkeh! How's it going in your world?
    Hello Darkarmour! *hugs*
    Why have you come here? To chat? Chatting's fun... *eats some candy dust*
    Oh, thanks so much. ^^ No, I didn't make it, but I wish I could. There's one for almost every Pokemon on Photobucket.
    @ Eclipse- Right back at you! ^.^ *gives you waffles*

    @$Tabuu$- Hai! What's up, you doing well?
    You seem like a nice person, so I just dropped by to say hello. :D
    Have some pancakes~ :D -gives-
    Huh? Oh, I didn't write fanfiction (although tat would've been much more fun). I had to do a historical fiction page thingy as an assignment for school. I am thinking about writing a Warriors fanfic, though. Have you heard of Warriors before?
    Not much (exept the sky XD). I finally finished a very annoying historical fiction thigy I've been working on for around 2 weeks. I'm glad that's over.
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