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  • I guess at least you like Goreybss...since if you didn't, it would be a waste of money for me. I got Clamperl since it evolves into two Pokemon.
    :D Approved! Yeah. now I'll leave it in the Birthday Center! :D :D But you'll have to go get the DeepSeaScale. I don't have enough anymore...I have $1 after buying the Clamperl. But that's alright. Also, when you get the item, trade to me and back. That will work :D!
    So, just waiting for approval :D Also, maybe I should get some battle money and get a DeepSeaScale. Maybe the birthday gift counts as a trade?
    Actually, I can get you something! I checked. I have low money, but I like presents :D. Check the Bithday thread there, I might have left something for you later.
    Happy Belated Birthday! Seeing as you have a ASB Bank account, I would get you a Pokemon b-day gift...but I blew all my money on a team.
    But doesn't that mean Phantom loses? If we were going by votes to kill.

    ...Oh. Well then. :(
    And the final one is....?

    Yeah. That sounds pretty annoying. I mean, my school is bad, but it's pretty bearable. I'm not good at advice.
    Happy birthday! Not like it seems tha the start is much of a good one... but could you pretty please end the day (and game, I guess) in IZ mafia? Maybe using some RNG?
    It looks like Kratos found a way for you to stop posting once you die in mafias! Poor Syl can't get her anger out from being dead anymore xD
    Use the RNG! Because each one voted for the other. If the Bee of Doom is lynched he wins, if Mai is lynched the innocents win...

    INNOCENTS WIN YAY. But use an RNG anyway.
    Vote? Vote on what exactly? Like, you want me to go into the thread and vote who wins or something?

    Personally, I think the mafia won, but..
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