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LuckyLapras' Duck

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  • uhhhhhh
    ok so um I haven't logged in since like 3 weeks ago so sorry for not replying to this?
    (didn't you see the message in the subforum)
    I've recently been exposed to K-pop. It's like Korean One Direction.

    oh dear oh dear

    i should really be studying for finals
    (not playing the gyakuten saiban 5 demo on capcom's website and listening to how catchy the "Suspense" theme is)
    MISSINGNO. grew to level 256! MISSINGNO. glitched!
    LUCYLAPRAS gained 9999999999999999999999 EXP.!
    (oh dear are you going to glitch now \o/)
    "Nope. Last I heard of Mewtini, she is learning Python."

    you conversation stalker, you.

    that's okay, I do the same thing :3
    Drama can be fun....when no one gets hurt. *curtsy*

    I was being serious, too.....plants opinions count as well. x3;;;
    Well, haha, it rained last night, buuut, all the adorable flowers around the neighberhood like that so i guess its good if your a flower! :3

    I think i call flowers cute cuz i like to dress like one *blink* i'm always wearing a dress...or a skirt.....soo yeah. I'm like the flower mommy ^.^ No mean gossip or down talking me or anyone else for that now! D< even IF its something you claim as 'true', if your down talking someone, i don't wanna hear it. period. it could give me a heart attack, just accept i do different things from you and don't say ANYTHING if you can't comment NICELY and WITHOUT DRAMA. thank you....(dramatic myself because. some things, if i hear them, could make me out to do unthinkable things to myself...)
    No, you aren't. We're done on June 6th or maybe 7th. :V

    Say, do you know where Mewtini is?
    Psychic types are awesome. If I was psychic, I wouldn't have to worry about other people ending up like MewSkitty too much anymore!!! He's death scarred me for life, i think.....;_; I can never seem to get over it. Plus we were good friends. And besides that.....yeah. Lets not get anymore into it. Poor MS....;_; *sigh*
    It's not as eventful because I didn't have anything more to do... I'm studying for finals mostly right now.
    Ash like never knows what he's doing lololol xD; How i'd deney that in 2004 is amazing.

    Yeah, Jirachi can't be poisoned. Meaning he could do like Kirby does if he likes and eat anything his heart desires! :D XD <3
    Pikachu can not take a hit. Not the best role modal for an overly emotional person like me....o-o; At least the Jirachi part is half steel^^;; steel resists nearly everything...
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