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LuckyLapras' Duck

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  • But, yeah note the u. Is from Pikachu.


    Pokemon's "like him or not" mascott and Ash Ketchum's best friend =) xD

    I'll always love pikachu, no matter HOW much he's over marketed and shown roflmao


    He's too stinking adorable and yellow for me not to like. Haha. Plus yellow is an awesome color. Period. :P
    Jirachu? Jirachi+Pikachu. I used to be really obsessed with Pikachu a bit lol. He was kinda my most favorite for quite a few years, actually. Espesally cuz of my crush on Ash Ketchum and all :3 Though I outgrew it now XD But pikachu is still adorable and awesome^^ although i grew to like jirachi more, i guess. yep :3 I also had a pokemon fansite i called "The secret Pikachu hangout!!!!", spelt EXACTLY like that, i was always fussy about it always having 4 exclaimation points, too. XD The site had a cute yellow and white layout^^ but i eventually deleted it o_o; i guess cuz my teen years were pretty annoying overall as a whole and stuff...>.>; And I like last edited the site when i was 16 or something. yeah. Also i sorta was moody about other things and stuff. *shrug*
    I have adhd a bit, so, it actually makes me LESS crazy. My mom also said she's read its good for people with aspergers/are on the autistic spectrom, too.....like me.

    Pokemon music is pretty nice to listen to at times, I guess. I like how one song from pokemon is all about making wishes :) The Jirachi Wishmaker one^^ I love jirachi just so much...^^
    Actually, its the CAFFINE IN THE COFFEE that actually helps me. A lot.

    My condision is kind of strange...=/

    Still, i have been calming down as of yesterday. Even managed too skip taking my meds, too :) (even though it ment a whole day in bed in order to manage that..o-o; ahh. sleep is calming...=3)
    *shrug* Its nice I got to have met you x)

    I may need coffee or meds soon, my head kind of hurts...=/
    Well, I like the Glameow line's design so. (Not because of that Commander, no.)
    It seems to be a difficult to change part of my personality. O-o; Like, I always fall back on him, even if something 'new' happons. Simular to how i used to get about pokemon, a bit....o-o;

    Thanks. I tend to get confused over english spelling a lot still, even now. XD although i have gotten soooo much better over the years lol

    Thats sweet. :3 Do you like my avatar? Pichu's cute isnt it x3;

    I'm still taking medication for my axietys and emotional tramas that come with my aspergers syndrome. I don't expect that to stop anytime soon either but at least I know how to be pretty mellow about things now on average for the most part. :3
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