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  • do you know how long I had to spend refreshing the busy server page just to read... that
    the lonely abandoned feeling when I log on in the morning and don't have any new notifications
    cherche and vaike will get married eventually... people keep dying on the tree level SIGH. soo desu ne.
    I forgot what you told me but do you write シアルス? シアッルス? those are my best guesses.
    Cirrus also on everything we hand in we have to write our preferred name after our official one so the teacher can call us what we want to be called! :o so even if it was like two years ago you would still be Cirrus everywhere in our class! with no awkwardness. :o also I can write my name in katakana now.
    um whotf is Gerome...

    omg i love my Japanese class so much it is so great my teacher is so cute you can't even understand. Cirrus we spent the last ten minutes of yesterday's class listening to her talk really fast in Japanese and replying soo desu ne... every time she paused... she told us that if we do this on the phone whenever we don't understand what someone is saying we will have a great conversation.
    last night I had a dream that you hated me because I made a joke about my bro being a girl... it was sad.

    Henry and Olivia finally got married omg. but everyone's too weak to get through Inigo's chapter... also nah.
    I can't get internet here :( my data keeps switching off and making it nearly impossible to post a VM. tell mewtini I said hi!
    ... ... ... of course I know what mi looks like... it does look like an h! a capital h. H.
    that opal >:( what did I say mi looks like an h. I don't even remember what mi looks like haha.
    oh :( I'll just leave it as SDR2... omg you didn't comment on me LETTING SOMEONE DIE DON'T YOU WANT TO KNOW WHO IT WAS
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