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  • stands for nothing! D:<
    um... I didn't like NoWorkingTitle so I changed it to something else.... I just didn't change it enough
    Gingerbread biscuits? XD I fail to see the link, but I do like gingerbread. Mm, gingerbread... :P''' (... <- attempt at drooling smiley thing *fail*) *offers imaginary biscuit*

    ...and yes. Sorry for the confusion and all. It seems I've confused myself as well, it took me three log in attempts before I remembered I'd changed my name just now. :B Anyway. Hi, and greetings and things :D
    All the blinkie ToS avvies were made by, uh, someone, but we couldn't find blinking versions of all of them, so someone else (on the forums) turned them animated for us.
    Good God, I'm so bad at describing things.

    (You missed a brief period in history where I didn't actually have my blinkie Raine, though; I lost her when the forums crashed, but luckily Kaito had it saved :3)

    I personally like the adorable Mawile one you used to have - not that Tifa having just beaten the hell outta ... uh, silveryhairedguy who isn't Yazoo or Kadaj (Loz? Yoz? Guh, I haven't seen AC in ages >.<) isn't awesome :D
    Hi, Cirrus~ Great to see you back.

    Great to see everyone back, actually, but I'd thought I'd celebrate here specifically. Because it's fun to bother people with irrelevent babbling :P Huzzah, tCoDF lives once again~
    Hello and welcome back, Cirrus (oh my God, you of all people kept your name). I was wondering when you'd join us :3

    *squint* Is that... Aeris in your avvie? It's hard to tell on the small profile version.
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