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  • I like using square brackets. :[

    It was more of trying it out to see what it was like. It just looks lazy to me, and I about to stop because I really didn't like it. My mom types like that, because she likes it, so I figured I'd try it.

    I don't really care about being cool either, because I'm not, and I will never be, so why does it matter to me? :x
    Planet Denial. It's just too much for them to handle! I can't be a nut case, no way. It's impossible. (It's because I give them that face, the face of lies. And then they can't think I'm crazy, because you can't doubt the face of lies.)
    I could care less about the cool people anyways. :P

    Okay... so I got the wrong kanji I guess. :[
    It's like I said.


    (You like my crown and my art skills? Muhehehehe. Thank you. =3 God, I'm insane, just wait until I post that on my art thread. Then they'll really think I'm a nut case. XD)

    And the being lazy with typing part actually felt good for the time being. :]
    Oh my God, I need to see it. XD Use your magical corgi powers to upload it~ By the power vested in the Mighty Queen Arylett, I now give the Royal Corgi Cirrus magical corgi powers! ::Cirrus received the Holy Scroll of "WOOOOOOOOOFFFFFF!":: (Pfft, the Holy Scroll of "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" is SO yesterday.)

    EDIT: Ahaha.

    because i'm lazy :]

    I've been thinking about typing with capitals again... (And my mom types like the in crowd, I think it's growing on me. >.>

    I was about to quit anyways.
    Cirrus the Corgi~ Cirrus the Corgi~ Has a DRCS and an Aryjumper! Cirrrus the Corgi! ;;Sings in horrible unpracticed singing voice;;

    (Now I want to draw an Arylettjumper and a corgi. XD. Maybe I will.)
    XD Cirrus, that is an awesome idea! Arylettjumpers! Only for ROYAL Corgis.

    I'd be the best damn jumper out there. They'll sell me everywhere, even in WAL-MART. ;;Continues to ruin the economy:: >:D
    Aww, but then we have to jump over stuff and I'm a baad jumper. D:

    (And Her Majesty is not supposed to be jumping over stuff. D:<)
    Hey Cirrus, I have a question~

    Where do you think we could get some of that magical superfriendpower potion? XD
    Oh you should. When the registrations for next year open, I am poking you until you sign up :D

    Milton Keynes is the weirdest place ever. It's miles away from where I live and seems to be made entirely of roundabouts. And it doesn't show up on half the maps we have because they're so outdated XD

    Rain isn't good. It's wet and cold and blah. D:
    Raine, on the other hand, is great :D
    Y halo thar :D

    Uuh, it's raining a lot at the moment (standard Devon weather), but I'm not sure if it's been as hot here as elsewhere the last few days because I've been at an anime con in Milton Keynes from last Friday. Which was the most fun ever, and you should totally go next year because we could meet up and it'd be good.
    Excellent point, reminds me of my good friend who takes this quote to his heart. I really respect that paragraph!!

    Arguments, debates... I don't hate them, I said I hated them in the IM because I felt irritated. They're ways of learning and I like to learn.
    Absolutely everything on Enchant. <3 And I suppose everything on Opheliac, too. Although since you like Across the Sky, I'd recommend Rapunzel, Chambermaid, How Strange, Juliet... all of Enchant, really. xD
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