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  • (just for the sake of not spamming a thread with our silliness)

    Well then fwoo to you! *takes out a gun* This is a standoff apparently! A Mexican one! Prepare a muerte para voy a muerote! (Prepare for death 'cause I'mma kill you!)
    Yeah, I wanted to hear Rick Astley, so thanks for the link in your signature. I've been Rick Rolled so much, I know all the words! :)
    Ah, I'd recommend answering people's visitor messages on their profiles, otherwise, they won't be alerted to a response and won't answer, but yeah. Hello~

    I remember like, the first time I bet him in GSC, I was SO relieved. It was really hard and took a whole lotta Potions, ahaha. Just the way he doesn't talk... makes him seem mysterious, y'know? And awesome. The design is definitely cool, he wears a red outfit too to match his name.
    @Blastoise: :D You iz welcome. xD
    @Arylett Dawnsborough: Hai! I'm Ashley. :3
    Yayz I'm interesting! :3
    He is awesome. Very awesome. He has a fantastic design,aswell. And I'm glad,too. :3 It's good to have a challenge from time to time. ^^
    Hello! My name's Arylett (obviously) and from time to time, I like to send random vistor messages to people whom I think are interesting so as to attempt to strike up a conversation.

    And you just happened to be one!

    So I'll say that I like Red too; he's awesome. I'm so glad they raised the levels of all his Pokemon in HGSS so that his Pikachu is once again the highest level of all the trainers.
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