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  • Well shadow for the most part will just be random pokemon and most legendaries so it is only thier invade some really wants to but for the most part you wil fight wild/trainer shadows. But I guess if people are sure they can handle it I might allow a third character so they can have shadow.
    Just asking, maybe you should try and get more people to be Shadow Pokemon in your roleplay. We don't have any Shadows yet. Maybe you can make another character or something?
    Try to make your RP replies for lengthy; makes it easier to base information off of.
    Hey how do I change the background image/style it changed and I cannot find the button to change it back
    EDIT: nevermind my browser was just acting wierd
    On your RP, fix the typos and run-on sentences. It'll make it seem much more professional.
    If you're starting a whole new roleplay, you post it in the forum lounge with the post containing the plot, form, rules, possible characters, sign ups, etc. If you're signing up for a roleplay, you just thoroughly fill out the form given.
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