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  • trung tâm tiếng anh thành lập công ty tổng đài tư vấn pháp luật học kế toán tại bắc ninh nhạc sàn à cái mỏ lớn luôn dụi vào ống quần của y, trong cổ họng phát ra tiếng kêu thầm thì.

    Nhị Sỏa thu hồi tiếng sáo, cười ha hả:
    - Không có việc gì.
    Cũng không biết là y nói chuyện với Tống Dương, hay là đang an ủi quái điểu.

    Đây chính là sự ngạc nhiên bất kể ai cũng không từng nghĩ đến, vẻ mặt của Tống Dương và người bên ngoài không khác nhau, ngạc nhiên con ngươi lồi ra, sau một lúc lâu mới mở miệng hỏi:
    - Ngươi còn có thể thuần điểu sao? Trước kia tại sao không nghe ngươi đề cập qua vậy?

    Nhị Sỏa vẻ mặt không quan trọng:
    - Chim không lương tâm, chỉ bay trên không trung không nghe được
    Regents suck, yeah. Luckily I took my math one today and get to miss school because of the other ones. I hope you're okay with being a pothead

    We need to battle some time.
    Alright. I don't think we curse that much, but w/e

    If Nick's alright and you have a YT channel I can start uploading tonight
    Get here at 10:30.


    Also why won't you pick up the phooone

    Also, do you know anyone who would be willing to play vocals? Nick's friend can't make it so unless I were to take double duties we'd be a bit screwed.
    Yep. The town's a bit south and due west from where I live. There's some car cruise called "To Hell and Back".
    I am glad to see you are a total masochist.

    Nick's friend might be coming over to play on Vocals, btw. So... 83 songs with 4 instruments? Cool I guess!!!

    Anyway where are you going for vacation?
    Yeah, you're going to be playing on Hard.

    On eighty-three songs.

    In a row.

    With almost no breaks in between.
    Well, first, I won't run out of names anytime soon. But the reason for which I named my Pokémon after elements came quite a while ago. I guess I'll start at the beginning.

    My dad owns this really huge science dictionary. At the back, appendix D, I believe, was a table for alternative names of elements. I got inspired by that, and wrote my very first fanfic based on a trainer whose Eeveelutions possessed qualities, physical and moral; and the alternate names of the elements. It fell apart after a few chapters, but is still in a book on my desk, to remind me how much I've improved.

    Since I can't really attach personalities onto Pokémon in ASB, I've based the names mostly on colour: Bromine has the same colour as Vulpix does; Oxygen, in its liquid state sort of has that light blue colour, and in its gaseous state is transparent (good enough for white), etc.
    I found a list of all the songs in the exact order, and added what songs are difficult on what instrument, as well as when I'll be able to leave the keyboard.
    Yeah, I use a WT controller to play Guitar.

    Everyone's playing on Hard; you on Guitar, Nick on Bass, and me on Pro Keys. The whole thing should take six hours, from what I've heard.
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