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Recent content by Ryan the Terrible

  1. Ryan the Terrible

    Meaning behind your Username and/or Usertitle

    My name + Ivan the Terrible Because my other name was wearing old and this is the first thing that came to mind.
  2. Ryan the Terrible


    I hit my pinky a couple days ago and could hardly stand up for ten minutes.
  3. Ryan the Terrible

    What year did you join TCoDf?

    Sometime in mid-to-late 2007. Looking through this thread, it's good to know I'm not the only one who was a huge noob.
  4. Ryan the Terrible

    What is the biggest problem in today's world?

    People being afraid of change, and not recognizing when it's for the better.
  5. Ryan the Terrible

    Looking for music recommendations

    I think you'd like Arcade Fire. They fit under all those categories. Start with their early music and if you like that, move forward. Also, a fairly new band somewhere around that vein is The Joy Formidable. They only have one album right now, but they've already become one of my favorite...
  6. Ryan the Terrible

    Acronym Game

    Mighty Munching Moles ANDROID
  7. Ryan the Terrible

    This must be my 100th topic in this board

    Nah, before that I was Hematophyte, and eatanorange before that, but that feels like ancient history now. xD
  8. Ryan the Terrible

    This must be my 100th topic in this board

    I've never gotten into Mafia, but ASB D: Being a ponyhead myself, I can deal with that part. In any case it's good to be back!
  9. Ryan the Terrible

    What Games Are You Playing?

    Mario Kart 7. Got it today with my Christmas money and it's pretty good.
  10. Ryan the Terrible


    I am a loser because I am fond of my eyebrows.
  11. Ryan the Terrible

    This must be my 100th topic in this board

    Hey TCoD. If you don't recognize my name, that is because I changed it. Until a few minutes ago, I was Comma Police. Still don't know who I am? Well that's pretty expected too. =P If you don't remember me and/or you're new, I've been coming here off and on for years, trying to be legitimately...
  12. Ryan the Terrible

    Help me name my future cat

    Doctor Meowgon well, that's what I'd name my cat if I had one even if it is nowhere near what you're looking for
  13. Ryan the Terrible

    New Nintendo Console!

    This. Wheeoowheeoowheeoo Horrid name aside, the graphics are absolutely beautiful. I'm looking forward to hearing more about this.
  14. Ryan the Terrible

    BCE/CE or BC/AD?

    This, but if I ever had to use one or the other, I'd use BCE/CE, even though because most people probably wouldn't know what I was talking about.
  15. Ryan the Terrible

    Weirdest conversations you have had.

    My friends and I got into a lunch conversation today about the physics errors in last year's cruddy Yogi Bear movie. (We were watching it before lunch because we were all exempt from most of our finals.) Then somehow that turned into a serious conversation about butts.