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This must be my 100th topic in this board

Ryan the Terrible

New member
Hey TCoD. If you don't recognize my name, that is because I changed it. Until a few minutes ago, I was Comma Police. Still don't know who I am? Well that's pretty expected too. =P

If you don't remember me and/or you're new, I've been coming here off and on for years, trying to be legitimately active. I was doing pretty well last time, but then something weird happened to my computer and I forgot to come back when I got a new one.

But basically, one of my few New Year's resolutions is to get active here again, if you could ever really have considered me active in the first place. I know it's not 2012 yet, but why not get a head start?

So hey guys, what's happened in the past few months?

Blastoise Fortooate

I remember you! Welcome back, hopefully fo' reals this time.

1. Legendaries destroyed/are destroying/will destroy a city in ASB.

2. Not much else I can recall.


Uh, I didn't do it.
Yep the legendaries are trying to destory ASB. Mafia has had a antiactivity streak, the forum's been overrun by ponyheads, the ASB tournament for 2009 is wrapping up.

Welcome back.


loves terra "brain cells? idk her" kingdomhearts
I've actualy seen you around, Comma Police, like a few months back. Or mayybe I just looked at old posts. *Shrug* I do know that you came here.


1) The legendaries have gotten Her head from Christmas

2) Mods were asleep at one point, so the ponyheads overrun the forums (Like phantom said)

3) Mafia activity is drastically low

4) There is a five on my list

5) There is a four on my list



i hope you're okay
Hey, I've seen you around too! Welcome back, hopefully for good this time.

...Wait, someone already said that?


Back from the dead.
I remember a Comma Police. .-.

Just wondering, what was your name before that, or did you join with that name?


Murderer of Words
How long ago was Hematophyte? I vaguely remember a name like that. And BTW, you're not alone in the on-and-off-again trying to get activeness. I had/have that problem too, also because of computer issues. But good to see someone trying to get active again! Welcome back.

The Omskivar

chah, dude
Welcome back! I'm The Omskivar, I don't believe we've met, though eatanorange sounds the faintest bit familiar.

Anyway yeah Legendaries are attacking Asber and eating our Pokemon like my pore Vespiquen


is not a... a spicy tuna roll!!
HETALIA HAS RISEN. Why? Simple. I got Holly Day to like them. :3

Things that happened:
I joined. Adding a dose of randomness to everything.