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  • Basically, even though my save file wasn't being read, I found the actual files under AppData/Local/Undertale and copied them over to a different location. I then started a new file, and then moved the files called "file0" and "file9" back from the old folder to replace the newly created ones.

    Have fun playing Undertale! It's pretty great.
    Hey, today's what you listed as your old account's (I think?) birthday, so happy birthday! And if today isn't your birthday for whatever reason, then I hope you have a good morning/day/afternoon/night! n_n
    Juuust a quick reminder about this battle as I wasn't sure you noticed it had been updated
    I actually have tears in my eyes. Someday they will make actual vr living pokemon. I can feel it after seeing this
    See? Totes ready B) idk if you wanna issue the challenge to write about the arena or not tho. (If you do I demand statues of Rose Quartz/Yellow Diamond on each end of the field)
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