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  • Cue disturbing sun .GIF! In any case, space can't be that fun. You can't talk or breath or or or or or... actually, you can't talk or breathe. That's basically it. Pretty boring.
    Ah, yes. Space is always enjoyable. I myself haven't been the greatest fan, as it lacks air. But I'm sure you've figured out a way around that seeing as you're a.. sonic.. screwdriver... taco. Yes.
    My, my, you posted on your own page. You have to click "View Conversation" in order for a person to get a notification from your message.
    This isn't really important, but I thought you might want to know that the song you said was an exception to your anti-romance rule was actually about the singer's parents! It basically changed my view on the song. Also, it's a good tune.
    Mind telling me which GIF you saw in my signature? There are eighteen different ones. c:
    Hey cool, a ten-year-old.

    Hey cool, one who uses decent grammar.

    Hey cool, one who's not a childish brat.

    Ha ha, welcome. Enjoy your stay here.
    I was about your age when I joined the site, haha. You're a lot more likable than I was, I have to say. Not many people liked me.
    So apparently, you're now the youngest?

    Haha. I was nine when I joined. I know how it is. :)

    Hello! Um, I'm Elektronika right now, but most of TCoDf calls me Mewtini.
    Whoa whoa whoa, back up... you're telling me that you're only ten years of age? You realize that makes you the youngest member on the forums, right?
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