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Recent content by TheBluejay

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    Useless Facts

    More people are killed by cows than by sharks per year
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    Do you own any Pokemon Merchandise?

    Pretty much this for me
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    What does the term 'Hero' mean to you?

    In my opinion? Somebody who saved a life or lives. They're actions don't have to be astounding, it could be obeying or disobeying orders, like the Russian dude who refused to obey the order to nike america and start ww3
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    any Halo fans?

    Are or were you a halo fan? I remember back in high school the only reason people had an x box was to play halo, hell we played the trial in the school's lab. I still play, an active player on reach and waiting for the new one by a different studio~
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    Have you read the ink series?

    Inkheart, inkspell and inkdeath. It's a fantasy trilogy about these people who can read characters to life from rich stories but at times at a price. The story itself is just beautiful, the way it was written, the attention to detail and every chapter has a quote from poems to other novels...
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    Favorite Quotes

    That one grunt in emerald when you go back to jagged pass to magma's hideout. He stands next to magma and complains that his left ear is burning. Then there's the classical THE CHALLENGER WINS THE MATCH! THE CHALLENGER WINS THE MATCH! in stadium when you beat your rival or the last trainer in...
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    So This Is About To Get Awkward...

    meh it happens. I didn't like Platinum but I loved SS. When you really think about it the differences are slight but Idk, Platinum just didn't connect with me. I liked Black though so I know I'm not just being biased because of lolnostalgia
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    Playing the original GB games just don't feel right...

    when you play on an emulator to me. Maybe it's just the nostalgia clouding my view, but whenever I get some high end mobile device, or computer the first thing I do is pimp it out with games. However I always get the traditional games and I never feel satisfied playing them. Then a couple weeks...
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    Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal Version

    I honestly cannot watch those videos without laughing like a hyena
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    Wow you weren't kidding about it being addicting
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    Super Mario 64 - anyone else share my sentiments?

    No lie I loved reading what you wrote and I understand you completely. I often explore after beating it though, like in red and blue versions. The games were so expansive and yet there was little to nothing to do after beating it. I didn't like that, I kept playing even though I wandered...
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    Er...Foot Massage?

    I find this amusing, let us know how it goes!
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    Creepy Pokemon Shit

    Someone is trying to recreate pokemon black creepypasta by making his own game, which means he's writing his own code and such so it's not a traditional rom hack like his previous work Lost Silver I remember the day he posted it on 4chan, great day great day
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    There might be a way, if you somehow explore segments or if the new regions are only there for pokedex reasons only, but that'd never happen. I really wished there was a game that could make it work though
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    Short cheesy jokes

    and go A skeleton walks into a bar and asks for a beer and a mop what did the wall say to the other wall? Meet you at the corner! What did the pencil say to the other pencil? You're looking sharp! What did the mathbook say to the history book? Man, I'm full of problems! I admit they are...