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Recent content by thunder

  1. thunder

    Blinkingsky vs. thunder

    Vulpix use spite on Psy all three turns. Magnemiite snore at Pika until you wake up then magic coat Vulpix spite@Psy~spite@Psy~spite@Psy agnemite snore@Pika~snore@Pika~magic coat
  2. thunder

    Blinkingsky vs. thunder

    Vulpix will just chill for first two turns then faint attack Psy, If Psy faints chill Magnemite is going to target Psy with more signal beams, if Psy faints metal sound Pika Vulpix: chill~chill~faint attack@Psy/chill Magnemite: signal beam @Psy *3/Metal sound@Pika *3
  3. thunder

    thunder vs. Barubu

    Ye, good game, but a bit short.
  4. thunder

    thunder vs. Barubu

    As normal, unless it's possible to use less energy for any of the attacks.
  5. thunder

    Blinkingsky vs. thunder

    Magnemite: sleep talk until you wake then magnet rise and finally continuing with signal beaming Psy Vulpix faint attack Psy Magnemite sleep talk/magnet rise ~ sleep talk/signal beam@psy/magnet rise ~ sleep talk/signal beam@psy/magnet rise Vulpix faint attack@psy
  6. thunder

    thunder vs. Barubu

    I'm still paying attention and have no orders other than use the random moves.
  7. thunder

    thunder vs. Barubu

    No preference.
  8. thunder

    The Absence Sheet

    I'm going on holiday for two weeks.
  9. thunder

    Attacks and Abilities Guide

    What would happen if you used acupressure on your own substitute.
  10. thunder

    Blinkingsky vs. thunder

    Magnemite use Signal beam on Psy for all actions unless it protects, in which case first use light screen and if it protects again Psych up Pika Vulpix use flamethrower on Pika unless it protects in which case hex Psy or if both protect safeguard Magnemite Signal beam @ Psy / Lightscreen /...
  11. thunder


  12. thunder

    Pokémon Registration Office

    Re: Pokémon Registration Office I received a male Emolga with static as a gift and would like to collect it Link
  13. thunder

    Bank of TCoD

    I have received $15 as a gift Link
  14. thunder

    Blinkingsky vs. thunder

    Vulpix use Protect first, then use Psych-up, finally use Inferno when Pika is near. Magnemite use Reflect, then use two Signal-beams on Psy. Vulpix: Protect ~ Psych-up @ Pika ~ Inferno @ Pika Magnemite: Reflect ~ Signal-beam @ Psy ~ Signal-beam @ Psy
  15. thunder

    BCE/CE or BC/AD?

    If it (CE/BCE) is based on the calendar as commonly used and the calendar as commonly used is based on the supposed birth of Jesus, then it (CE/BCE) is based (albeit indirectly) on the birth of Jesus and therefore does not remove the religious basis, it merely attempts to hide it by using...