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Recent content by Vyraura

  1. Vyraura

    SCP Foundation

    I clicked 'random' and it was pretty funny as hell, what came up. Something about SCP-477-2.
  2. Vyraura

    Creepiest Song?

    if you just want to go by lyrics I'd say the murder and rape implied in Don't Say a Word, by Sonata Arctica, is pretty dark along with the pathos of the speaker.
  3. Vyraura

    Creepiest Song?

    The intro to Tristania's Crushed Dreams is pretty fucking creepy.
  4. Vyraura

    Rape Censorship

    I'm assuming you're unaware of the tremendous population of 'young men' who think they're very clever joking about rape.
  5. Vyraura

    How much do you weigh ~now~?

    um, 47kg ish. I weigh very little.
  6. Vyraura

    I'm going now~

    herp derp I don't start for two more weeks tee hee
  7. Vyraura


    Supposedly hetero but feeling a lot more sexual about girls as of late. So I put bi, even if that's going a bit far right now.
  8. Vyraura

    Your favourite Pokémon of each type?

    Re: Your favourite Pokémon of each type? stealing zhorken's format pls Scyther Yanmega Vespiquen Umbreon Absol Honchkrow Latias Dragonair Flygon    Rotom Magnezone Electabuzz Gallade Breloom Hariyama    Houndoom Ninetales Quilava Rayquaza Drifblim Aerodactyl    Mismagius Shedinja...
  9. Vyraura

    Drum and bass?

    Eisbrecher is a bit more than that but industrial tends to have very heavy drum and bass.
  10. Vyraura

    something awesome to do

    because that somehow makes you a better person who is so cool and nonconformist they would never fall for those stupid trends? honestly that makes me rage just as much as guidos on myspace. perhaps more.
  11. Vyraura

    Microsoft banned from selling Word in US

    jesus how can the patent office be that stupid. I think ill try to patent the process of using your ipod to store un-accessable data simply as a backup, then. or something equally universal.
  12. Vyraura

    Your Comfort Song

    Typically songs that are loud and intense with harsh vocals. Regardless of how much I normally like the song, it takes the place of me screaming. Take This Life by In Flames is probably the most powerful anti-feelinglikeshit song for me. Are You Dead Yet?, Trashed Lost and Strungout by...
  13. Vyraura

    Swedish Music

    In Flames and Amon Amarth is pretty cool, they just play their viking metal and doesn't afraid of anything.
  14. Vyraura

    something awesome to do

    I figured this out a while ago. it's amazing, some of the wording they use. Quite piratastic.
  15. Vyraura

    Encyclopedia Dramatica

    since when were 'hilarious' and 'ironic' harlem words.