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    I like centaurs. I've been working on my "fakemon"(I always do) and I might get my father to scan them. Someday. I hope.
    Ah well, at least im not alone. Going to doctor tomorrow.

    Hm... Any chance ferali-guy is moving forward?

    Also: I've been stalking deviantart and saw a quickdraw application that made me laugh- the one by 'superara'. Better see, it's funny(not advertising it though! Just saying it's funny.)
    Nah, it's over now. After 3 days without sleeping a minute and extreme weakness, Im okay now, althuogh im still a little weak, with no energy reserves, but can sleep.

    Also: Hooray you're back!

    Edit: But im gonna see a doctor because I might need glasses(short sighted).
    That dirty little...

    Im really sick lately. I think it's getting worse, since I sometimes have hallucinations at night and have a heavy insomnia. I feel horrible but still have to go to school.

    Two words to describe how I feel: FUCKED UP.
    Psst...How's ferali-guy moving on? Also, I've been working in a school a lot(about creating new creatures), and (rather if) when I'll get to sue my father's scanner I might get to show you something that went out nice. P.S. My grandfather bought me a digital camera lucky me(maybe I can upload something with the camera)!
    Hi there! Im fucking sick and that's fucking sickening me, because I have to fucking go to the fucking school and groan every fucking minute about how much fucking pain Im in.
    (wow a lot of swears in one sentence)
    Psst, by the way, any chance you made any progress with feraliguy?
    (And, as a p.s., there's a chance I will finally scan some stupid art tomorrow.)
    Hi ymo! Any chance the feraligatr dude is moving forward?

    P.S. This day sucks for me as im sick and my whole body hurts. Well at least I managed to avoid french class!
    Um, maybe(but please don't be too mean!).

    One thing is sure- Im becoming much better than what I used to be(when it comes to drawing). Well, at least my creatures(that's how everyone calls my drawings) look better (and more original+creative) than what they were this summer.
    Hi! Is there a chance I might get you to see some of my drawings?
    (Im going to visit my father's "office" this week, so Im gonna sccan some stuff. It's kind of crap though)
    It's in german. Care if I translate it to english?(It's fun to do so anyway, althuogh some words willl come out... corrupted, twisted.
    Psst, if I would have to choose a certain theme song to show off Leonard's personallity(the one from the PM's), I'd choose this one(the little movie in it is just a comical addition)
    Hi! How's going now?

    I think Im going to send you the next part of what I wrote(the action part that needs the most refining) and another something.
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