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  • trung tâm tiếng anh thành lập công ty tổng đài tư vấn pháp luật học kế toán tại bắc ninh nhạc sàn hép trong sổ tay quân sự của Quân đội Liên Bang, ở trên khỏa Tinh cầu Mặc Hoa này, nhất là ở khu vực khai thác mỏ của khu vực phía Tây Nam này, vào thời tiết mùa này, từ trước cho đến bây giờ vẫn chưa bao giờ xuất hiện loại sương mù quỷ dị kéo dài một khoảng thời gian dài như hiện tại vậy.

    Ngay tại thời điểm khi mà chi đội ngũ này bị loại thời tiết sương mù dày đặc kia khiến cho áp lực không chịu nổi, thì hoàn cảnh bốn phía xung quanh đột nhiên lại xảy ra một sự thay đổi phi thường kịch liệt. Đám sương mù quỷ dị kia dùng một loại tốc độ bằng mắt thường có thể nhìn thấy được, cực k
    1) Why would you get banned for advertising? In any case, I'll try but don't count on me to bring in many people....

    2) No need to censor out the word; feel free to use it at your discretion. Although I must say that's a bit too extreme. What makes her a total bitch anyway based on your perspective?

    3) Um, okay.... O.o;

    4) Unfortunately we don't even contact one another anymore. =/ However, I do have him as a friend on Facebook (yes, I got a Facebook if I haven't told you already), and from what I can gather he seems to be doing fine. Good for him then. =)
    Natrelmon? What's that?

    We're all a bit weird in our own special way; I know of another person who actually does the same things you just describe (except for the hygiene business; he's quite a clean person). As for the rest of that paragraph.... I honestly have no clue what to say to that. =(

    ...That's more than I need to know, Lars. Although why crows? I could imagine a big animal like a horse but... crows? ^^;;
    Yeah- sort of. Honestly, I just come and go as I please, so don't expect me to be here all the time.

    ...Define "sane." xD
    As for social skills.... Well, just like everything else, it takes practices to develop decent skills. Don't take my word for it though, my social skills stink. .w.;

    And it's all right, release your frustrations and what not. It helps a lot to put one at ease in my opinion.
    Hey there, Lars! ^w^
    Been a long time since I last spoke to you (a year to be exact). I'm doing well over here and finally realizing some truths about the current path of life I'm taking. It's not pretty but it's getting me back on track.

    And awwwwww. D:
    Oh. I was downstairs most of the day. Sorry.

    But yeah, finally home. That's about it. :D
    Hmm... well, it showed you were online and it normally doesn't. Good luck finding your link. :P
    Yeah, thanks a lot. I'll tell her when we go to school tommorow.

    Sorry, but HGSS have been the last thing on my mind lately. All I've really been doing is studying after I realized that my one cousin got a full schloarship. I suppose we /could/, but no trading or anything.
    That is a bit silly. Poison and Paralyze are, like, two of the most popular statuses. Can we leave that rule out?
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