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  • Hm. Cool.

    And, ew, anchovies are gross. I can't stand the idea of eating any type of aquatic animals.

    Can't wait 'till I beat this game and Buttefree comes out with a HGSS ev training guide. I want to try being competetive.
    I've finished most of my work now, and single battles are much easier to write up than double battles, especially for a newbie at reffing. Sorry.
    Ooh, that's great to hear, Lars! ^^ I wish I could say the same for myself.... T~T
    It's not disturbing, it's fun! :D

    Oh god, now I have the FUN song stuck in my head. xD
    I preordered my copy of HeartGold on Amazon, and my copy comes in a few days.

    Some of my friends like Pokemon, but most of them don't.
    My lord, Twiggy. Peer pressure often? I was contemplating it, but obviously I can tell you're going to be very impatient with it. Just go to the headquaters, if no one else takes it I might.

    Maybe. Just wait till I level up a bit in my new English game and I EV train some, then we can do that. And I can hear the best accent in the world. You know what, I'll record it.
    I didn't say that he couldn't have all of the moves. I said that the moves listed weren't all able to be learned.
    Oh! I should've known that! xD And I think my cat likes me the best, but sucks up to my mom when we're gone. :3

    boxers. I have pajama boxers, wear leggings underneath and it's perfect. Yeah, well, a fake marriage, but still.
    Oh sorry, i was busy with homework.

    I have a DS (and a new DSI XL :D), all three of those games, but the Wi-Fi still needs to be set up. It might be in the future though.

    But i live in england, so still need HG/SS.
    Haha. Wait. Do you mean 2/27/00? I'm confused. xD ! Your cat is so cool it's born on the 22nd month? :D

    Aw, cute. :3 My cat is kinda the same. Except he really doesn't like guys, only girls.

    Well, let's see... New stuff... Ummm...

    I guess the day after I graduate, I'm getting married with ring pops and wearing boxers. And... my sophomore prom is coming up. Uhhh... I can't think of much that's new. xD

    Oddly enough, the day after I posted that, I feel better too.

    Air five! :D
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