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  • Me? Personally? No, I'm good. Maybe if you had gotten to me a bit earlier... well, anyway, I'm fine. My friends... Well, Twiggy, I'm not gonna go around and ask them. Thanks, though~~
    Your request is done.
    Yep, but it's just us and Darksong, who doesn't post too much. So we can't do much at the moment.
    Well that sucks, seeing as I just asked him a question. =/

    Well, not 'just'. Sorry I poofed, my mom chose today to go shopping for dance clothes.
    Well, I'll tell you if I need anything :P

    I just wanted to make a team of Eeveelutions~~
    You're a convo-stalker too, eh?

    Well, believe me, I would take you up on your offer, except after talking to Bebe about 45 times, she finally gave me a female. So thanks...

    ...But no thanks.
    Yeah. No.

    Oh wait. Irr did hatch! Now just make 150 more posts and you can be a Metapod.
    I can help you. Once you get it done, it's not all that hard at all. I'll give you a post and you can copy-and-paste it.
    Twiggy, you're here! You'll love ASB. I'd like to be your first ref!


    (Oh, yeah. I'm Dogsgofetch).
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