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  • I'm already taking my break from Pokémon related things. But that doesn't mean I'm quitting, oh no!
    Its like I said before. Even if you were talking to a pedo (which is stupid and unlikely to happen), Its not like people can know who you are and exactly where you live just by seeing your age <_<
    Oh for crap sake Its not like people can know who you are and exactly where you live just by seeing your age <_<
    I have not met one person in my entire province who is interested enough in Pokémon. =P Also, I'm liking the franchise semi-secretly.

    Also, I'll probably decline. I'm taking a break from playing anything Pokémon related.

    ...*Sighs* I feel so dumb right now...
    Uh, I'm not router-savvy just so you know, so I have no clue what you're talking about. Heh, heh...

    In other words, you use other people's routers instead? Because I lost my main hotspot a few weeks ago (coincidently, I lost my Wi-Fi as soon as my neighbors moved).
    There is an exception, however: the only time I do have Wi-Fi is when I'm at my cousins' house but they end up losing Internet if I configure their router's security settings, so that's a little problem I gotta handle with them. Any suggestions to avoid this problem?
    Aha ha


    I'm back again oh what and it's about your request :<

    D'you want steel-plated walls and floor, or really shiny *steel* walls?
    Salut, Twig! (Je peux t'appeler Twig, oui?). Comment ça va?
    [Translation: Salut, Twig! (I can call you Twig, yes?) How are you?]
    Uh, no I don't know the name and I'm not that interested in knowing.

    And what PM? I didn't receive no PM. :S
    To answer your first post, the Twin Towers were a part of the World Trade Center complex.

    To answer your last post, IT WAS JUST A DREAM!

    (A convo-stalker, eh?)
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