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  • Quick question: I have a project I'm working on, and I need your help with it. Would you be willing to test it out?
    Well, i already finished the Enrgy and Damge before you told me that so I don't know.

    I usually do type quite fast, but I take 5 minute breaks every 15 minutes, just to spell-check, read through it and correct it if needed. If i type too fast, i always make loads of spelling mistakes.
    Yeah, i do. the Random.Org one is the one i use.
    I just find it a bit annoying having to check Attacks and abilities guide for power, then shifting over to Bulbapedia for Energy, then back to Attack and Abilities for writing up the Description.
    well, i've only done one so far but, I spend a day or so figuring out Damage and Energy, then two more days writing up a Description and stuff. So about 3 days i guess.

    I've actually been considering it, but there is a terrible shortage of ideas.

    Voicechat? Huh?

    I've actually been considering it, but there is a terrible shortage of ideas.

    Voicechat? Huh?
    Okay, Lars, but if it isn't done by Monday I'm gonna get impatient. Monday is tomorrow.
    OK then. About six pounds, maybe?

    We've finnally gotten a decent amount of snow here. I'm off school right now. I think I'll go sledding with my little brother mow.
    Thanks a lot, twiggy!

    And why not? It's the most wonderful accent in the world ^-^ After the trade with you, I went to school and cheerfully told everyone how you sounded, because it was so awesome, and I had only ever heard it in movies~~
    Oh Twiggy, Twiggy, my friend with a wonderful accent.

    Oh please, won't you help us TQFtL forum goers?
    That would be totally awesome. If you wait until I get to the first gym, I can get you a Stealth Rock tm, if you want it.

    So when do you want to meet for the trade?
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