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Recent content by Zantetsuken

  1. Zantetsuken

    Fortunately, Unfortunately

    Unfourtunately the tracking device only detects crates, so another 10,000 crates are tracked by the device.
  2. Zantetsuken

    What is your favourite single Pokemon ever

    *Points to avatar* It's a legendary that is not legendary. 'Nuff said.
  3. Zantetsuken

    Icyblack Pokemon forums!

    Uh, I dunno... I found the forum to be an interesting place to go... But, well, there's nothing to do. T.T
  4. Zantetsuken

    Wal-Mart and Its Business Practices

    Neither. Australia FTW. However, I'm certain I can relate. I've seen this weird flower shop appearing lately... And it took over this CD store I used to go to all the time... And at least one is in every town I visit these days. O___o Like Starbucks. However, I'm pretty sure that a manager...
  5. Zantetsuken

    Gimme a Birthday Cake, damnit.

    Gimme a Birthday Cake, damnit.
  6. Zantetsuken

    Viking/Finnish Metal

    O________o When I first used to listen to Dark Lunacy, I knew they were Italian. And I went on a forum saying they were, and a die hard fan said they were german! So I thought an 'expert' would know better... Musn't be too die hard if he doesn't know the originality.
  7. Zantetsuken

    Cheat Cartidges

    Once, I really could not be bothered to finish Emerald. So I just threw a game shark in my gameboy with 'walk through walls' on. The Top of Sootopolis is a Spartan Death hole. :D
  8. Zantetsuken

    What's ironic or surprising in your Pokemon game?

    My brother had a legit shiny feebas, and it was the first pokemon he found when looking for it... O_______o And this was a year ago, and I've been searching for a NORMAL feebas. And still haven't found it! I died a little on the inside when he caught that.
  9. Zantetsuken

    Website Pet Hates

    One pet hate I had for this site when it had the adoption centre was when people would put a sprite that looked ripped straight from pe2k or something like that, then set the post count to something ridiculous like 100000 posts.
  10. Zantetsuken

    Fortunately, Unfortunately

    Unfourtunately the whereabouts of the crate is unknown to yourself or anybody else.
  11. Zantetsuken

    Viking/Finnish Metal

    Ensiferum are teh shiz. :D I lurve them so. Surprisingly, nobody knows of them in Australia. Or at least where I live. Incidentaly, does anybody know Dark Lunacy? They aren't Finish, they are German, but no one I know knows of them... T.T
  12. Zantetsuken

    What really annoys you about the Pokemon Anime?

    The fact that when the Psyducks were blocking the road in the anime it was because they were protecting their young. And that you can combine the stars while using Swift to make a big star, which makes no sense at all.
  13. Zantetsuken

    In Progress Malice

    Chapter One: It was a quiet sunny mid-afternoon on Piano Planes, which was usually it's atmosphere. Birds flew by, the sparce amount of trees swayed slowly by slight breezes of wind, and all was peaceful. Peaceful, until a voice broke out from a grassy hill, breaking the silence. A 17 year old...
  14. Zantetsuken

    The Unsolved Mysteries We Take for Granted

    A mystery of Pokemon that always baffled is that Zubat can use Mean Look without eyes. Or Zangoose can't learn cut with gigantic claws... O___o Also, I don't get why Bug type moves are super effective against Psychic and Dark. It's kinda confusing...
  15. Zantetsuken

    Returned from the void of non-existance

    I have returned. It was great to see that everyone wished me a happy birthday on my profile. Too bad my computer was too much of a tard to learn about the interwebs. I'm guessing nobody remembers me, however. I didn't really stand out much. I am Zantetsuken. Name obviously ripped from Final...
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