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Recent content by Zapi

  1. Zapi

    Capitalist Democracy Mafia 2: Credit Card Bubble

    Sorry this is so late, I've had a busy day. $1 to lynch Zero Moment
  2. Zapi

    Capitalist Democracy Mafia 2: Credit Card Bubble

    Oh god, not more broadcasts... I think we all had enough of a time dealing with those in Villainous Pokémafia. I didn't use my night action last night and my money is where it should be. I don't really have anything to add that hasn't already been said, but it seems reasonable to me that one of...
  3. Zapi

    Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

    You might already be aware, but some people have speculated that Rowlet and (especially) Litten are based on invasive species in Hawaii as well! I was confused about Hau having a Litten instead of Rowlet in the gameplay footage, too; I'm wondering if they changed it so your rival gets the...
  4. Zapi

    Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

    Yungoos is SO CUTE and Stakeout seems like such a useful ability. I'm already in love. Battle Royals look fun, though I'm a bit annoyed they spelled it without the -e...
  5. Zapi

    Describe your favorite video game and make it sound as bad as possible.

    you play as a scrawny nerdboy who was having a chill day with his best friends, "romantic subplot" and "large strongman", when suddenly your peaceful settlement is attacked by evil robots from the sky! they kill romantic subplot and probably some other people but who cares about them? also you...
  6. Zapi

    How many shinies have you seen/caught (Wild encounters only)?

    None that count for the purposes of this thread... my only shinies in all my games, in all my 8+ years of playing pokémon, are my Red Gyarados in SoulSilver and a Floatzel someone traded me in Y. I've never encountered any legitimately in the wild or through breeding. : (
  7. Zapi

    So, Nintendo's now doing a type personality quiz.

    Same here lmao. I even took it twice and got the same result. sign me the fuck up for the squirtle squad
  8. Zapi

    Retro Choice Pokémafia [Game Thread]

    Re: Retro Choice Pokémafia [Game Thread] I was SO excited to be inspector this game and so disappointed that I got killed before I could do anything! : ( Either the RNGods really do hate me or some of y'all have some damn good intuition. Regardless, I had a lot of fun reading this thread...
  9. Zapi

    What languages can you speak?

    Mon français est très mauvais, mais je suppose qu'il compte. (My French is very bad, but I suppose it counts.)
  10. Zapi

    Zapi vs Murkrow

    Ah... Sorry this is so late. Also, I'd written a whole strategy based around Taunt before realizing Pichu can't learn it... Unfortunate. Cook up another Nasty Plot to negate the effects of Amnesia, sort of. Then go for a one-action Uproar - we're just gonna have to take that burn/poison...
  11. Zapi

    Retro Choice Pokémafia [Game Thread]

    Re: Retro Choice Pokémafia [Game Thread] Oh, I thought we were closer to the time limit? Whoops. In that case I'll retract my vote (or non-vote?) for now in case something comes up
  12. Zapi

    Retro Choice Pokémafia [Game Thread]

    Re: Retro Choice Pokémafia [Game Thread] Alas, I don't have the time or creativity to come up with anything as great as MD or VM's contributions. Should we just abstain?
  13. Zapi

    Retro Choice Pokémafia

    Re: Retro Choice Pokémafia I'll be the gengar! or whatever the very middle icon is supposed to be Whoops nevermind, we're only using the 1st gen ones. I'll be whatever the 3rd one is
  14. Zapi

    Villainous Team Choice Pokémafia - Game Thread

    Re: Villainous Team Choice Pokémafia - Game Thread I don't know if I ever commented on the flavor for this game, MF, but I love it. All of it. and seeing all the role PMs made me love it even more! and i still can't believe Jack managed to swap himself with the person we were trying to target...