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  • No problem, I wanted to make sure that you got to have your first battle before too long!
    Hi Zapi! I'm about to pick up one of your battles, but since you asked about accepting a challenge and posting a new one in the same post — it's totally fine, but it's a bit more organized if you do them in separate posts. Nobody will care if you double post for this purpose, so it's totally fine to do them in separate posts, and maybe a little more preferable. It doesn't hugely matter either way, though!
    Haha yay! :D I helped!
    There are a couple of assumptions and extrapolations in there, but everything in it has at least some reasonable basis (read: examples seen in both sessions) within the story.
    Yup. Always best to read everything and take it as important when dealing with Homestuck, isn't it.
    On a somewhat-related note, I have way too much time on my hands :B
    I've read it... I think eight times, plus my disastrous first attempt in which I went "who are all these green guys? /skips" and then "what are all these Trolls doing and why are they interrupting my Homestuck! /skips" and understood nothing.
    Bramble Gamers. It's popular enough to be on Google when you type it in, though not that much. BG is where me, Crankeh, and FCSNAKE came from. =)

    I saw the thread you made. Thanks for joining the site. =)
    No, he's Lexi The Heartfelt Pony on here. I'm DarkAura on there. Rarity is Luxcario, and FCSNAKE is from BG. =)
    Well, I just made it. And like i said, I only have the basics, so more stuff will be added later.

    Oh, your a Super mod now, =P
    I see you joined. Want to be a super mod on there? Super mods mod everything on there.
    On TCoD, BG, a friend's forum, my forum I'm creating, trying to see if I can see Derpy Hooves on some pictures, and Watching Bruce Almighty on my DVD player. :P
    The sky. =P

    I'm just doing five different things at once on the internet while listening to a movie on my DVD player while trying to spot Derpy Hooves is all. =P
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