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[09] blazheirio889 vs Kratos Aurion


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Staff member
3vs3 Doubles
DQ: 1 Week
Damage Cap: 35%
Banned Moves: OHKO's, Perish Song
Arena: The Battle Dome

After the exotic twists and turns of the Battle Pike, its fickle resident pokémon and swampy terrain, the Battle Dome is extremely straightforward. The arena is small and no-nonsesne, dwarfed by the tiers of seats that rise high on all sides. They lead right up to the base of the stadium's retractable roof, now open to its widest to admit the tropical Hoenn sunlight. And today, those seats are mostly filled; after all, the stadium will play host to the semifinals matches of TCoD's League Championship--an event the spectators feel they've been anticipating for years. While Dome Ace Tucker riles the crowd out on stage, the four remaining trainers are huddled in the hallway below the stadium, waiting for their names to be called so they can make their entrance. They're only two wins away from the title now, but their opponents are some of the best in the league; those two wins will come dear, if they come at all.

The Battle Dome is a straightforward arena, but it offers everything a battler could want, including a sunken pool that will be filled with water to accommodate aquatic pokémon or large-scale water-type attacks. Powerful energy barriers separate the stands from the stage, inviting the fighters to go all-out without running the risk of injuring their adoring fans.

When battle threads are posted, each trainer will choose four pokémon from their active squad and PM them to the referee. This will serve as their active squad for the purpose of the battle. The referee will post the reduced squads, and the player to choose first will select all three of their pokémon for the match, including their order, at that point. The next player will then choose their three as well as give commands. From there, the battle will proceed as normal. Note that this is a doubles match, and the third pokémon will be brought in to replace the first to fall on a player's team.

blazheirio889's Active Squad

Eledancia the Female Gardevoir
Ability: Trace
Item: Electirizer

Yukianesa the Female Froslass
Ability: Snow Cloak
Item: Nevermeltice
Move Modification: Pebble Jet

Phalanx the Male Cradily
Ability: Suction Cups
Item: Big Root

Khao the Male Typhlosion
Ability: Blaze
Item: Magmarizer
Move Modification: Volatile Spirit

Kayne the Male Absol
Ability: Super Luck
Item: Razor Claw
Body Modification: Mark of Kayne

Kohryuu the Male Steelix
Ability: Rock Head
Item: Custap Berry

Ventus the Female Swellow
Ability: Guts
Item: Life Orb
Move Modification: Bombs Away!

Garnet the Unknown Starmie
Ability: Illuminate
Item: Flame Plate

Azuraine the Male Nidoking
Ability: Poison Point
Item: Expert Belt
Body Modification: Viewer Gender Confusion

Silane the Female Drifblim
Ability: Unburden

Kratos Aurion's Active Squad

Thorn the Male Nidoking
Ability: Poison Point
Item: Black Sludge

Don Quixote the Male Arcanine
Ability: Flash Fire
Item: Wise Glasses

Folie à Deux the Male Girafarig
Ability: Early Bird
Item: Expert Belt

Kratos Aurion the Male Houndoom
Ability: Flash Fire
Item: Dusk Stone

Force Majeure the Male Aggron
Ability: Rock Head
Item: Shell Bell

Yakuza the Male Honchkrow
Ability: Super Luck
Item: Prism Scale

Richter Abend the Male Weavile
Ability: Pressure
Item: Muscle Band

Räsvelg the Male Osgrave
Ability: Torrent
Item: Dusk Stone

The Baroness von Münchhausen the Female Kangaskhan
Ability: Scrappy
Item: Life Orb
Move Modification: Münchausen Syndrome by Proxy

Defibrillator the Male Eelektross
Ability: Levitate
Item: Liechi Berry

Okay, both of you pick four and PM them to me.
Oh. Uh. Can I ref this actually? I'm down to three battles and I'm finding writing easy again! And I wanted to do a double battle before my rut struck. So I think I can handle this!
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Okay, give it a shot.

You should send squads to Zhorken if you haven't already, then. (I haven't got any for this battle yet.)

Team Kratos:
Girafarig Folie à Deux
Weavile Richter Abend
Osgrave Räsvelg
Kangaskhan The Baroness von Münchhausen

Team Blazhy:
Cradily Phalanx
Nidoking Azuraine
Absol Kayne
Gardevoir Eledancia

Kratos picks Pokémon, Blazhy picks Pokémon and issues commands, Kratos issues commands.
Right, then, sorry for the delay. OTL Kayne, Azuraine, and Eledancia will fight, with Kayne and Azuraine up first.

Kayne, let's start with an Icy Wind. Then roast Richter with a Flamethrower, swept around if needed in case of clones or dodging shenanigans or whatnot, and end with Night Slash at Folie.

If Folie is Protecting or is otherwise unavailable on the first action, aim a Flamethrower at Richter and try again next action. If Folie is trying to create a Substitute, though, Snatch it.

On the last two actions, should your main target be unavailable due to Protect, Detect, out of range, etc. (not including Substitute), Night Slash at Folie or Flamethrower at Richter, whichever works. If your target has clones, just use Flamethrower and sweep it around. And if, by the third action, Azuraine has not hit Richter twice, deal a blow for him with Flamethrower. On the last action, if neither of your opponents is available, Swords Dance.

Icy Wind/Flamethrower @Richter/Snatch ~ Flamethrower @Richter\Folie/Night Slash @Folie/Icy Wind ~ Night Slash @Folie/Flamethrower @Richter\Folie/Swords Dance

Azuraine, Taunt Folie, then give Richter two solid Brick Breaks. If Folie uses Magic Coat, Protect, or anything else that would prevent him from being Taunted, Brick Break Richter instead and Taunt on the next action. Also do that if you were prevented from Taunting Folie, for example flinching.

Should Richter attempt to Counter, or if he has clones, use Flamethrower and sweep about as necessary. If Richter is Digging on the third action, nail him with Natural Gift instead.

If Richter is Protecting, Detecting, or is somehow unavailable (but Substitutes should be killed on sight), then direct Flamethrowers at Folie instead (or Natural Gift on action 3).

If, however, there are screens on actions 2 or 3, just plow ahead with Brick Break, at Richter preferably, but if he's unavailable go for Folie instead.

Taunt @Folie/Brick Break @Richter/Flamethrower @Richter ~ Brick Break @Richter\Folie/Taunt @Folie/Flamethrower @Richter\Folie ~ Brick Break @Richter\Folie/Flamethrower @Richter/Natural Gift @Richter\Folie
Right, so as I said in my other tournament battle, I'm just not in the mood for ASB things these days and I think I'll have to bow out; sorry for taking so long to say so. Negrek, I don't know if you have any backup plans for someone who can take my place as Blazhy's opponent (since it'd be a shame if she didn't get to battle anyone at all this round) or just want to let her through, but... yeah. I really need to take a break and not have to think about this. Good luck with the rest of the tourney, Blazhy, whatever happens.
Sorry to hear it.

Take a bye, blazheirio889. I'll work on getting the other semis match done with, and then we'll proceed to the finals.
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