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_Ditto_'s 2nd sprite shop.


Overdosing on placebos
Yep, My sprite shop. Again. There are no forms to use to request sprites. Just tell me what pokemon, from what version/generation, and what you want done to it. I also don't have a list but, read the previous posts. If it seems like I have a lot of work to do, maybe you should hold your request until I don't.

The types of sprites I can do.
  • Avatars (tell me the text you want to go with it)
  • cell shading
  • chaos (I'm horrible at these)
  • devamps
  • revamps
  • hero/angels
  • devil
  • pokeballs
  • eggs
  • lineless
  • infernos
  • fossils
  • inverts
  • pixle-overs
  • trophies
  • overworlds
  • ipods
  • glitches
  • Rotemizations
  • shadows
  • splices
And thats about it.
I'll put up some examples later.
Request away!
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Overdosing on placebos
Wow! A customer! Already! With and easy request for a spriting style I have never tried before! Wow! And here is (I am arrogantly going to assume that you are male)his sprite!


Always look on the bright side of life!

Inferno Qwilfish, using the D/P sprite second frame if possible.

Thanks in advance.


Overdosing on placebos
The Heatran Pixle-over will have to wait, I am on vacation and all my sugimori art is saved on my home computer, BUT-
These sprites aren't done, I still have to add transparency, and guess what: I don't have Gimp, the program I use for transparency, on this computer, but if you don't have any problems with a white background...


1st Generation Pokemon Trainer
Can you make me an inferno Kabutops? I don't need it soon, so take your time if you want. Thanks!


Overdosing on placebos
it does, kinda, weird. Well Roxxor, Here you go. It was kinda hard to do. Kabutops was very messy to work with.


Overdosing on placebos
@Evil crazy monkey- Sure, as long as I get mentioned somewhere and a copy of the game.
if you think it is any good.

^ that was not fun to work with.


Overdosing on placebos
8D I just did one a week or two ago. Wow.

Edit: Rats... for some reason thats from silver...I never do silver unless its a request...
Edit 2: Done and because I was bored and had a Dewgong sprite, I made another glitch.
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