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Alignment Mafia - Game Thread


Current Alignment: Nocturnal Zero

The sun sets on the cosmopolitan town of Moraliton. Throughout the morning, groups with diverging interests had been arguing about what to do with a newly cleared plot of land; as the shadows creep, they each start to consider what to do break the deadlock -- each their own way.

48 hours for night actions. (probably not exact, this would be kind of an ass time for phase changes anyway)

Nothing to report really, but it occurred to me that if you take the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth letters of Herbes name and rearrange them into the order they appear within his name, it spells out "Herbe". Now I'm not usually one to operate without some form of evidence like roleclaims or night actions, but this caught my eye IMMEDIATELY. Care to elaborate, "Herbe"???
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