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Suggestions Art Thread of the Dead

Black Yoshi


so like I'm still working on a thing and it might possibly get actually going soon. Have pretty much all the preliminary thought and development and such done. Just dunno how to go about the beginning, visually. I know what I want going on, just not how to execute it.

Anyway. Meantime. I couldn't sleep. Decided to pick up my charcoals again. Since I have nobody who wants to sit still for me or anything, just did a self portrait again. Didn't wanna post it. But I'm doing it anyway. Right when I threw it up on dA, saw another charcoal next to it that was far more advanced and complex. made me less proud of stuff i've done. So yay. Immediate regrets ftw.

ANYBUTTS. I look older for. Reasons. I dunno how it happened. Got lazy at parts. But. I did it cause I couldn't sleep, not for enjoyment. Tried to look less. Grumpy. Than my last one.

I have a lot of periods in this post wow what is this i should stop typing so weird but naaaaaaah

Also photos frustrate me because it looks so much flatter in the photo than it does irl and i'm angry now

Black Yoshi

eeeeeey looks like I'm doing one drawing per post

It's another NSP Sketch.

I did it at work during my breaks so scale is like blarughalkdgh and Barry isn't super accurate but, eh, whatever there it is.

Black Yoshi

Just mentioning that I'm still alive and all, been buildin me skeels. Here's some of my Skyrim peeps if you're into that.

Fun style, that. Quick and easy. Not really posting anything more for now because busy but yes there it is.
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Black Yoshi

I'm still alive, wouldn't you know.

Still busy, of course. But my big project I'm working on is coming along. Slowly but surely. Gonna try to start uploading it before March. Wouldn't that be something?



I keep coming back lol
I really like your art. What is your big project? Is this concept art for it?
I don't have time to comment on everything. But I can comment on your most recent picture.
Your crosshatching shading looks really good. Is he supposed to be floating though? Are you using colored pencils? I quite like it. Are these character designs you plan to use for illustrations? The perspective on the hand that is showing looks odd to me. I'm not sure if the fire is supposed to be around his wrist or his palm.
I like your art. Please post more. I wish I was more constructive.