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Attacks and Abilities Guide

Uh, in that case, substitutes won't automatically block for their creator's partners; however, if the partner pokémon physically grabs a substitute and uses it to block an attack, they of course won't take damage/that attack's effects. There are some attacks where you can't really do this, though, like psychic or earthquake--in such cases, only the innate powers of the substitute can protect its creator, and other pokémon can't take advantage of that.
Gravity is alphabetized wrongly; It should be Grasswhistle - Gravity - Growl - Growth, not Grasswhistle - Growl - Growth - Gravity.
However, do note that there is still absolutely no way to poison steel-types or poison-types or burn fire-types, etc.--those immunities go deeper than simple elemental resistances (for example, steel-types lack circulatory systems as we understand them, and poison cannot therefore spread throughout their bodies).

In the games, Steel types actually can be poisoned... but only if the attack that does it isn't Poison-type (like Twineedle.) They're only immune to Poison-type moves, not poison itself.

Of course, this may have been an intentional change, but I still can't see any reason why something like Lucario (only has metal in very few places on its body, if any at all) or Scizor (metallic armor on the outside, buggy stuff on the inside!) would be completely invulnerable to any poisoning, even if it didn't come from a Poison-type source. Even Metagross is described as having multiple brains (and these are only compared to a supercomputer, rather than actually having one in place of a brain, despite its robotic appearance), so I suspect most Steel-types have something organic somewhere inside them even though their outer shells are completely metallic.
Strange. I seem to remember about half a dozen websites all saying that Twineedle could still poison them, and so could the Poison Point ability; it sounded believable, since Static actually can paralyze a Pokémon through Safeguard (at least in LeafGreen--I remember that Lance's Dragonairs kept paralyzing themselves when hitting my Raichu, even after using Safeguard in order to keep themselves from getting confused by Outrage; haven't tried it to see if it still works in D/P yet.)

I just tried to get Steelixes in Snowpoint Temple to poison themselves on my Roserade's Poison Point, though... and after four or five Steelixes using Double Edge over and over, none of them ever got poisoned. Looks like half the Internet did get it wrong, as usual...

That still seems like a really strange them for them to change, though... especially when they let the "Static ignores Safeguard" thing slip through.


EDIT: Decided to look through the whole list just now, mainly to see which attacks work a bit differently here than in the games; along the way noticed a few minor mistakes here and there.

Tinted Lens: Currently says that it makes attacks that the target is weak against do normal damage, which is the opposite of what it's intended to do (counteract the target's resistances.)

Ancientpower: Listed as Physical, actually Special.

Dragon Rage: Stat is missing; should be Special.

Facade: Listed as Special, actually Physical.

Fire Blast: Stat is missing; should be Special.

Foresight: The "can hit Ghosts" effect should apply to both Normal and Fighting moves, not just Normal.

Hypnosis: As of Platinum, the accuracy is back down to 60%, so the 70% in D/P may have been a mistake after all. Kind of a confusing one, since we probably won't know for sure what the actual intended accuracy is until the 5th generation shows up...

Imprison: Type is listed as Ghost; it's actually Psychic.

Magnet Rise: Type is listed as Steel; it's actually Electric.

Razor Wind: Description mentions "Flying-type energy." Razor Wind is (oddly enough) a Normal-type move. (on a similar note, I think there's another move that's Ghost-type but mentions Dark-type energy... though I can't remember which one it was at the moment.)
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Platinum changes haven't been implemented yet, so it's possible Negrek was waiting for Platinum to actually come out to decide what to do about Hypnosis.

Anyway, can a Pokémon that has fallen asleep use Rest? What would happen to its current sleep status if it could?
Yeah, I found that out just a few seconds ago. Explains why my Crobat's Air Cutter wasn't doing nearly as much damage as I was expecting... should've stuck with Wing Attack, I guess.

Could've sworn that one of the two "Air Something" moves was physical, though... must have been getting it mixed up with something else. I'll go remove that from my corrections list.


EDIT: Read through the rest of the R's through Z... a few more minor blips, though it's mostly just missing stats for moves introduced in D/P.

Roar of Time, Vacuum Wave: Stat is missing, should be special.

Rock Climb, Shadow Claw, Shadow Force, Stone Edge, Strength, Sucker Punch, Thunder Fang, U-Turn, Wake-Up Slap, X-Scissor: Stat is missing, should be physical.

Shadow Sneak: This is the one I couldn't remember earlier that's Ghost but mentions Dark-type energy in the description.

Teeter Dance: Listed as Flying, actually Normal.

Wake-Up Slap: Listed as Normal, actually Fighting. (I would have guessed that this one would be Normal and Smellingsalt would be Fighting, but it's actually the other way around, for some reason.)
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Recycle added. I'd go about 5% per action for nightmare, myself.


Yes, and it's now clarified in gravity's descriptions.


Alphabetization corrected.

Kratos Aurion

No, although in ASB sleep talk will not fail if it produces rest like it does in the games. If this should happen, the resting pokémon will awaken completely after the usual three actions because the rest will heal its sleep status.

El Garbanzo

All Platinum changes will not take effect until Platinum is released in English.

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