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  • trung tâm tiếng anh thành lập công ty tổng đài tư vấn pháp luật học kế toán tại bắc ninh nhạc sàn Có ba cái vấn đề.

    Vẻ mặt của Thai Cục trưởng nhất thời trở nên ngưng trọng lên một chút:

    - Thứ nhất, hắn từ lúc này lại có được cái quyền hạn này. Thứ hai, hắn vì cái gì lại có thể có được loại quyền hạn này. Thứ ba, tại sao ở trong khu vực lắp đặt thiết bị trung tâm ngoài vùng hoang dã như vậy, trong tay hắn cũng không có bất cứ số liệu tham số tiến hành khởi động, cũng không có bất cứ thiết bị điện tử chuyên dụng nào, hắn là dùng phương pháp gì để mà ra mệnh lệnh cho Máy vi tính Trung ương tiến hành khởi động toàn bộ mạng lưới?

    Thai Cục trưởng chậm rãi
    you know, i have some views on how legendaries are able to be caught and battled. i could share the with you if you like.
    maybe the bubbles are eggs!

    that makes more sense, actually. genderless is just weird.

    it could hook itself into a cloning machine, provided it has the intelligence.
    asexual breeding?

    yeah, the meowth didn't. i guess that's proof...?

    that would explain the nidoqueen having nidoqueen babies.
    mewtwo could breed... maybe.

    like water exploding? xD

    but the nidoqueen in the movie looked oldish, and its clone was... its clone, so unless that nidoqueen was a heavy smoker then... :p still doesn't explain the baby nidoqueen.

    it did. there was a special in the first movie with togepi in it, so.

    baby pikachu...? hm.
    really? i'm religious about pokemon and figure if it's legendary, there's only one. multiple celebi/mew/whatever doesn't make sense.


    i remember in mewtwo's second movie, there was the nidoqueen clone and two nidoqueen babies, so maybe very few nidoqueen are able to breed?


    also it's nice debating with you. your posts are always nice and sensible.
    latios and latias are siblings, right? i mean, of course they wouldn't breed.

    supposedly there's only one heatran, right? so that would make sense why you can't breed them. i guess charon didn't know that.

    maybe it's the moon stone's radiation causing problems? still doesn't explain nidorina, though.
    to what you said in the 'what pokemon/personality are you?' on the pokedex entry for cubone; maybe, like, shortly after the murder, they discovered that female marowak die after giving birth?
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