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  • Ah, well if it isn't my fellow Final Fantasy Black Knight, Exdeath! Lost to Butz, now did we?
    Oh hey. Just wondering, did you forget about this? It's a bit past the DQ time, I think, though if you're working on it or have it done I'll shut up and leave. :x?
    Reffing fixed. You've got the next round of attacks, too. ;D

    Also, I apologize for the delay; I had to rewrite it twice, because halfway through the first one my power went out and I hadn't saved any of it. D;
    I actually hung around until about 3:15 before I decided to give up today. I could probably stay as late as 4:00 on Tuesday through Friday, though, if that would be a better time.
    Oh, one more thing--just noticed that the shiny Skarmory is nicknamable. Anything other than "SKARMORY" is fine, really, but I'd kinda like for it to be named "Kookaburra."
    Monday at 3:00 would work pretty well. I'm guessing I'll be trading over some random thing like a Wurmple or something, right? (since there's no option for just giving someone a Pokémon, as far as I can tell.)
    About the Shiny Skarmory I won from the Christmas prize drawing; I should be able to trade it over sometime this week--though I'll only have WiFi access on weekdays between 1:50 and 3:00 PM (Eastern time, which I think is GMT minus 5 hours.)

    What days/times would work for you?
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