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BBCode Pokemon sprites gone?


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So, I was making a new post in my Safari Zone, and I used a BBCode for the party sprite of Tynamo. But it wouldn't show up in the post! I looked through my older posts on my zone, and other zones as well, and only some of the sprites showed up, but not others. Are you guys experiencing this too?


(So far, the only sprites that show up for me are the party sprites of Voltorb, Shelmet, Venonat, Minun, Helioptile, and the sprite for a Silver Powder and a Dusk Stone)


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Ahhh. This would be because the new server is on a case-sensitive filesystem, so when you ask for "Tynamo.png", it's not going to give you "tynamo.png".

Short-term solution would be to just use lowercase Pokémon names; I might look into getting the case-insensitive behaviour back one way or another.