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blazheirio889 vs. RespectTheBlade


up to no good
2vs2 Single
DQ: One week
Damage Cap: 40%
Banned Moves: None
Terrain: ASB Central Stadium

Although designed to be a state-of-the-art battling facility and located at the very heart of ASB Central's battle district, ASB Central Stadium actually sees very little use. Most battlers prefer the infinite variety of the holodrome's simulated arenas to the basic, if impressive, stadium field, and official tournaments tend to feature tours of other regions rather than a homefield brawl. There is one advantage to the stadium, though--its proximity to the holodrome grants it access to a full range of simulation options, allowing trainers to trick out their team to whatever extent they like before battling.

There's nothing much to say about the battlefield: it's a large, rectangular arena covered in astroturf. A circular pool will open in its center if a pokémon requiring water to move around in is sent out. In this arena, pokémon can summon absolutely anything they need for their attacks: tidal waves, boulders, and so on are in ready supply.

Other: This battle takes place between a referee and one other member. The referee will use their own team of pokémon, but the other battler may choose either to use their own team OR choose any six nonlegendary pokémon with any items and abilities to use for this fight. In the former case, their pokémon gain experience as normal. In the latter case, they may choose to apply the experience earned by their rental pokémon, minus one point, to their team in any manner that they choose.

The prizes for this battle are $20 to the winner, $10 to the loser, and $15 to the referee. This battle does not fill a battle slot for either participant.
blazheirio889’s active squad:
Cleffa Nephilim the female Cleffa <Magic Guard>
Cradily Phalanx the male Cradily <Suction Cups> @ Big Root
Togepi Mercury the male Togepi <Serene Grace>
Wyrmal Polychaeta the female Wyrmal <Magma Armor>
Anorith Adamantite the male Anorith <Battle Armor>
Zorua Kreskin the male Zorua <Illusion>

Frizard Mhalairt the male Frizard <Flash Fire> @ Lucky Egg
Venonat Lapudo the female Venonat <Tinted Lens>
Mienfoo Meihua the female Mienfoo <Inner Focus>
Whismur Brainfart the female Whismur <Soundproof>

RespectTheBlade’s active squad:
Dratini Iroh the male Dratini <Shed Skin> @ Draco Plate
Trapinch Seismos the female Trapinch <Arena Trap>
Shroomish Paralyzer the male Shroomish <Effect Spore>
Vulpix Azula the female Vulpix <Flash Fire> @ Fire Stone
Kirlia The Hero in Green the male Kirlia <Synchronize> @ Dawn Stone (Body Modification: Lightweight Automail Arm)
Pawniard Byrne the male Pawniard <Defiant>
Zorua Inception the female Zorua <Illusion>
Mienfoo Toph the female Mienfoo <Regenerator>
Druddigon Medusa the female Druddigon <Sheer Force> @ King’s Rock
Sneasel Ghirahim the male Sneasel <Keen Eye> @ Razor Claw

- blazheirio889 sends out
- RespectTheBlade sends out and commands
- blazheirio889 commands
- I act silly ref
Hmm, fire/water type.... Let's go with Seismos, my Trapinch.

Alright, time to get a good start. Let's start off with a Sandstorm. Next, use Rock Tomb to hinder Polychaeta's movement. Finish up with an Earthquake, try to drain some of the water from the pool. If at any point Polychaeta protects herself, use Double Team once, and then chill any subsequent times she protects herself.

Sandstorm/Double Team ~ Rock Tomb/Chill ~ Earthquake/Chill
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Hmm, since there won't be a sandstorm in the water, we should be snug and comfy. Let Seismos change the weather while we make a small Substitute.

Next, spit a Will-o-Wisp at Seismos to soften his attacks.

End with a Muddy Water.

Remember, keep yourself submerged at all times! Suspended in the water, away from any walls or the bottom or anything, so Earthquake can't touch you. We'll save ourselves a lot of hurt this way!

Substitute (10%) ~ Will-o-Wisp ~ Muddy Water
It’s an ordinary day in Asber. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and being stalked by hungry predators, and everyone is out having their own battles in strange and exotic locations. Or at least, almost everyone is doing so; the grand Stadium in ASB Central is quiet today, but as two battlers take their places at either end of the arena, it becomes clear that it won’t be peaceful for long.

The center of the arena opens up smoothly to reveal a fairly large pool, and it’s into this that blazheirio889 releases her Wyrmal. Polychaeta uncurls in the water and circles around a couple of times, getting a sense of its size. Ooh! What’s in here? Maybe a couple of toys. Or a fish? That should be fun. She finds nothing but concrete, though, and comes back up with a slight sense of disappointment.

On the other side, RespectTheBlade chooses to send out Seismos, and the Trapinch paws at the turf with a bit of confusion. While she can sense the presence of earth somewhere beneath her, it feels vaguer and more artificial than she’s used to. … The heck? This grass isn’t even real!

Their attention is brought back to reality when the referee hopeful steps up, fumbles with her flags for a moment, and signals for the battle to start.

Round One

blazheirio889 (Oo)
Polychaeta (F) Magma Armor
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Peeking out of the pool curiously.
Commands: Substitute (10%) ~ Will-o-Wisp ~ Muddy Water

RespectTheBlade (Oo)
Seismos (F) Arena Trap
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Ready for action.
Commands: Sandstorm/Double Team ~ Rock Tomb/Chill ~ Earthquake/Chill

Polychaeta starts off by ducking back underwater and focuses deeply, channeling her life force into the water in front of her. A vague Wyrmal shape appears, quickly solidifying into a translucent watery construct. As it sparks to life, two eerie lights flare up where eyes would ordinarily be. The opaque Substitute floats there, and Polychaeta grins at her completed creation proudly.

On land, Seismos peeks down into the pool as best she can. Her opponent is making a jellyfish? Huh. Well, it’s sure not a green shield by any stretch of the imagination, so she decides to draw on that vague earth presence. Naturally she’s rather surprised when that energy is suddenly flowing all around her, strengthening in response to her call – and suddenly sand is billowing all over the place, whipping around in a small storm. Ha! she thinks, leering in the direction of the pool. What do you think of that?

Actually, Polychaeta isn’t quite sure what she thinks of that. She can tell that there’s dirt flying above her – the brownish wind makes that pretty clear – but she can’t figure out what it’s supposed to accomplish. Ah well, no point in worrying about it too much. Slithering back towards the surface, she pokes her head just out of the water, aims at the Trapinch-shape posing triumphantly in the sandstorm, and spits out a few bright blue flames. She almost regrets this when she takes a wave of flying grit to the face and she quickly ducks back in with a sputter.

The erratic flames strike true though: Seismos watches the floating blue things dart around with confusion, then hisses in pain when they strike her. She forces herself not to cringe at the burn blossoming on her carapace, instead focusing on how she can get revenge. Drawing on the same energy as before, she stomps down to summon a few boulders, which rip themselves right out of the field and are hurled right into the pool. The Trapinch watches them vanish from sight, feeling torn between disappointment at how few boulders she can summon with her annoying burn, and satisfaction in knowing that some of that cheap fake grass is dead forever. Or would be, if it was ever alive. Whatever.

Polychaeta squeals in surprise as her Substitute shoves her out of the way with a slightly squishy tail, then sort of jumps when the boulders come hurtling down on it with a series of rapid splashes. She gazes down at it with a bit of concern, but it’s only pinned downed for a few moments before it manages to wriggle out from underneath them, looking a bit tattered (somehow) but still there. Satisfied that her friend still exists, she turns her gaze upwards, and her eyes glow as she draws on the very water around her, twisting her tail about as she directs it into the right form, creating a great brownish wave that quickly rushes out from the pool, gathering even more sediment as it sweeps through the sandstorm. Aha! she can’t help but exclaim. I am the all-powerful princess of this ocean! Fear me!

Seismos, on the other hand, barely has enough time to hear the deep rushing sort sound before it looms out of the sandstorm. Oh sh—! is all she can think before the wave barrels into her, sending her flying several feet before tumbling to a painful halt. Ow … Her whole body feels painfully soggy, and as she gets to her feet she shivers at the chill, which unfortunately isn’t enough to alleviate her burn. There isn’t time to feel self-pitying, though, and she determinedly marches forward, sloshing a bit on the fake grass. What she needs to do is give that Wyrmal a taste of her own medicine! Sort of. Powerful attacks are all basically the same, right?

She lifts herself onto her hind feet, then brings her forefeet smashing down on the field a few times. A wave of tremors race across it with a powerful rumble. Everything shakes violently around her, and she gleefully watches several long cracks open up, doing her best to ignore the insistent burn. You want power? she almost snarls. Well, you got it!

In the pool, Polychaeta and her Substitute bob around a bit as the shock-absorbing water starts to form a few waves. She smiles at the bouncing motion and lets herself get caught up in it. Wahey, riding the tide, slip and slide! Wheeeee! She does vaguely note that a lot of water is sloshing out onto the fake grass and the water level is decreasing a fair bit, but it doesn’t concern her that much. All she can really feel is this fun ride!

As her vengeful attack finally dies away, Seismos peers through the whistling Sandstorm at her annoying foe. Let’s see if you’re so pleased with yourself now! Then she pauses. She takes note of how the Wyrmal is splashing about cheerfully in the last few ripples the Earthquake has left behind. A vein twitches beneath her eye at the sight, and she groans. Oh, come on …

blazheirio889 (Oo)
Polychaeta (F) Magma Armor
Health: 89%
Energy: 87%
Status: Wondering if she can have another ride. Has a Substitute with 7% health.
Actions: Substitute (10%) ~ Will-o-Wisp ~ Muddy Water

RespectTheBlade (Oo)
Seismos (F) Arena Trap
Health: 82%
Energy: 86%
Status: Highly irritated. Burned (1%/action).
Actions: Sandstorm ~ Rock Tomb ~ Earthquake

Arena Notes:
- A Sandstorm is raging (6 more actions).
- A few boulder-sized holes are dotting the field behind Seismos.
- There is a thick layer of rubble at the bottom of the pool.
- The water in the pool has been diminished to about 3/4ths its previous amount due to the Earthquake.
- Some long cracks are running across the field.

- Polychaeta’s health: 100% - 10% (Substitute) - 1% (Sandstorm) = 89%
- Polychaeta’s energy: 100% - 5% (Substitute) - 3% (Will-o-Wisp) - 5% (Muddy Water) = 87%
- Polychaeta’s Substitute: 10% - 3% (Rock Tomb) = 7%
- Seismos’ health: 100% - 16% (Muddy Water) - 2% (burn) = 82%
- Seismos’ energy: 100% - 5% (Sandstorm) - 4% (Rock Tomb) - 5% (Earthquake) = 86%

Other Notes:
- Will-o-Wisp wasn’t going to work if it was formed underwater, so Polychaeta had to resurface slightly in order to make sure it actually worked. This briefly exposed her to the Sandstorm, but she wasn’t there long enough to take a lot of damage from it.
- Substitutes don’t protect their makers from weather damage, correct?
- I’m assuming that the pool is large enough for a couple of Wailmer to fit comfortably.
- Sorry if the way I portrayed your Pokemon was stupid D:

Next Round:
- blazheirio889 commands
- RespectTheBlade commands
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Your calculations look fine. Good call on making Polychaeta taking sandstorm damage. And generally Substitutes don't protect their creators from weather damage, no. Speaking of Sandstorm, weather moves last for 2 to 3 rounds, depending on the ref, but it looks like you're making it go on for 10 actions.

Your description is pretty good, if a bit long and padded. You should focus more on the battle, as in the actual moves, how they're executed, the effects, etc. It's fine to write about the battlers' reactions, but too much drags the battle out.

Your grammar is mostly fine, though you have the occasional weird sentence (e.g. "... and she determinedly marches forward, sloshing a bit on the fake grass." Sloshing isn't the word you want here; perhaps dripping? Though that bit at the end is a bit awkward anyway, could be removed). That said, the description was pretty well-done and fun to read.


Right, Polychaeta, we're doing fine. Let's heap on the hurt with two Natural Gifts, with a Muddy Water in between. If Seismos is Protecting, use Aqua Ring, or store 10% with Stockpile for later use if you've already used Aqua Ring.

Stay in the pool at all times, floating somewhere in the middle, mind you! That way we can protect ourselves from some of Seismos' attacks.

Natural Gift/Aqua Ring ~ Muddy Water/Aqua Ring/Stockpile (10%) ~ Natural Gift/Aqua Ring/Stockpile (10%)
Round Two

blazheirio889 (Oo)
Polychaeta (F) Magma Armor
Health: 89%
Energy: 87%
Status: Wondering if she can have another ride. Has a Substitute with 7% health.
Commands: Natural Gift/Aqua Ring ~ Muddy Water/Aqua Ring/Stockpile (10%) ~ Natural Gift/Aqua Ring/Stockpile (10%)

RespectTheBlade (Oo)
Seismos (F) Arena Trap
Health: 82%
Energy: 86%
Status: Highly irritated. Burned (1%/action).
Commands: Dig ~ Chill ~ Dig (attack)

Polychaeta starts off the second round by closing her eyes, tapping into the qualities that make her unique. Power drawn from her very DNA quickly wells up inside her, and she soon opens her mouth to fire off a thin beam of white light. The beam flits out from within the pool and through the swirling Sandstorm before striking Seismos, who stumbles backwards slightly. How is such a little light so powerful? It doesn’t make sense. Then again, considering that Will-O-Wisp, she wonders if she should be so surprised.

Thinking she might as well play it safe, the Trapinch begins to burrow at the arena turf, forming a quickly lengthening tunnel as she digs deeper. Dirt sprays upwards from her hole, and it isn’t until she’s traveled several feet underground that she lets up her efforts. Satisfied in spite of her throbbing burn, she listens eagerly for her opponent’s next attempt at attacking.

Peering up from the pool, Polychaeta wonders idly what the little antlion might be up to. No matter, she decides, summoning up the awesome power of another Muddy Water. This is still fun to do anyway! Brownish water swirls around her as she whips her tail back and forth, and her eyes take on a brief glow before the wave surges forward and sweeps across the field before her.

Naturally, most of the water misses the hole entirely, but some of it still washes down and pours down on a surprised Seismos. Huh? she growls as the water quickly rises around her, lapping higher and higher until she's entirely submerged. How the heck is water getting in here? I’m in a tunnel, for crying out loud! Shivering violently, she takes a deep breath and does her best to hunker down and regain some energy, but the slight problem of being in danger of drowning frustrates her efforts.

Meanwhile, the Wyrmal swishes her tail through the water rather impatiently. Where is that Trapinch? Wasn’t this supposed to be a battle? Shrugging as best as a vent worm can, she goes through the now-familiar motions of creating another Natural Gift. It charges off exactly like the ones before, though she’s still content to watch its long shimmering shape until it curves down and disappears underground. It’s pretty, after all.

Naturally, Seismos' displeasure only increases at being jolted by the light a second time. This is stupid, she grumbles, pulling herself out of her would-be restful state. Rubbing her eyes, she paddles with stubby feet toward the end of her watery tunnel, ready to dish out some revenge. Her forelegs work quickly at lengthening the tunnel further, and she angles upwards to where she knows that Wyrmal is, panting as she gradually leaves the water behind her.

A faint rumble beneath her causes Polychaeta to glance downwards, tilting her head curiously. She is quickly yanked to the side by her Substitute, and not a moment too soon: Seismos erupts violently from the bottom of the pool, sending fragments of concrete clacking behind her. She collides gleefully with the Substitute, which explodes magnificently; the lights of its eyes dissolve into the water, and soon there is no trace that it ever existed. Polychaeta stares sadly at the spot where it had been, somewhat oblivious to the fact that Seismos is paddling at the surface wildly. She’s doing her best to float, but Seismos still shivers, not liking the sudden return to water. She wants out of that pool, stat.

blazheirio889 (Oo)
Polychaeta (F) Magma Armor
Health: 89%
Energy: 72%
Status: Mourning the loss of her Substitute.
Actions: Natural Gift ~ Muddy Water ~ Natural Gift

RespectTheBlade (Oo)
Seismos (F) Arena Trap
Health: 59%
Energy: 82%
Status: Dog-paddling as best as she can. Burned (1%/action).
Actions: Dig ~ Chill (failed) ~ Dig (attack)

Arena Notes:
- A Sandstorm is raging (3 more actions).
- A few boulder-sized holes are dotting the field some distance away, surrounding the entrance to a tunnel.
- There is a thick layer of rubble at the bottom of the pool, somewhat broken up by the tunnel’s other entrance.
- The water in the pool has been diminished to about 3/4ths its initial amount due to the Earthquake, and is slowly draining into the tunnel.
- Some long cracks are running across the field.

- Polychaeta’s health: 89%
- Polychaeta’s energy: 87% - 5% (Natural Gift) - 5% (Muddy Water) - 5% (Natural Gift) = 72%
- Polychaeta’s Substitute: 7% - 12% (Dig) = -5%
- Seismos’ health: 82% - 8% (Natural Gift) - 4% (Muddy Water) - 8% (Natural Gift) - 3% (Burn) = 59%
- Seismos’ energy: 86% - 4% (Dig) = 82%

Other Notes:
- The damage Seismos took from the Muddy Water was greatly reduced due to being in a tunnel.
- It was hard to relax when she was unable to breathe, so Seismos' Chill failed.
- Since Polychaeta doesn’t have a signature move, her Natural Gifts are Normal-typed and cannot miss.
- Seismos needed to use a bit extra energy to burst out through the concrete at the bottom of the pool.

Next Round:
- RespectTheBlade commands
- blazheirio889 commands
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I ordered Muddy Water on action 2, not Natural Gift.

The calculations look fine. I'm not sure how you subtracted energy for Dig (and it doesn't make a difference in this round), but I tend to have the Pokemon take half the energy when it Digs down and the other half when it comes up. Just a pointer for the future.

The description is good. Nothing major for me to pick at, though you do have the occasional blip (e.g. "... sending fragments of concrete clacking behind her." Clacking is a bit awkward). But that's getting nitpicky, so.

Just fix Polychaeta's second action and this reffing is good. You're doing fine; I expect I'll be able to approve you when you finish the next reffing, or the one after that.
When you edit the reffing to reflect a major change, it's best to post to notify the battlers.

Negrek's post here indicates that Seismos would take much less damage, but her hole would flood. However, the description indicates that she was merely sprayed by some water. The effects of being submerged are up to you, the ref.

Edit: Additionally, it might be fair to give RespectTheBlade an extra week, since I expect that he was waiting for the edited reffing to be put up before he commanded.
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Ah yes, that probably would have been a good idea. My bad. Belay that DQ order, then.

So to clear up confusion I've made those changes, in which Polychaeta uses Muddy Water, Seismos took slightly less damage, and her Chill failed. If I've forgotten some other aspect, just let me know.
I'd probably have Seismos take a bit more than 2% damage, given that she's weak against water. I'd say the damage equivalent to an unSTAB'd Water Gun, which is 4%, what you previously had.

I recall there was some ruling on submerged Pokemon taking some damage, but I can't seem to find it anymore since it was a pretty old ruling... I'll go ahead and ask Negrek (but if you have any questions, you should ask her, too), but since this is quite subjective, I don't think Seismos necessarily /has/ to take damage.
Very well. I've switched the Muddy Water damage back to 4%, so I think everything should be covered. Thanks!
(aaah sorry. I won't hold off this long again.)

Alright, Seismos, let's use Rock Slide, followed by an Earthquake, and finish up with a final Rock Slide.

If Polychaeta uses protect or can't be attacked, Chill.

If at any point Polychaeta elects to dig, use Earthquake while she's underground.

Rock Slide/Earthquake/Chill ~ Earthquake/Chill ~ Rock Slide/Earthquake/Chill
Hmm, I don't know how well Seismos will be able to concentrate while paddling water, but let's make it more difficult for her, shall we? Polychaeta, trap Seismos with Whirlpool. Make sure you're a decent distance from Seismos before using Whirlpool so you don't get trapped yourself. If you do, no biggie; you shouldn't take as much damage, right? At any rate, Seismos will hopefully be too busy keeping afloat to muster the concentration for a Rock Slide.

Then, if you think you can aim properly, Water Pulse followed by Brine. If not, a pair of Natural Gifts will do just fine.

If Whirlpool misses (though how it would is beyond me...), try again. If Seismos made it out of the pool, though, just use Water Pulse and Brine.

Whirlpool ~ Water Pulse/Natural Gift/Whirlpool ~ Brine/Natural Gift/Whirlpool
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