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Brandon Sanderson is amazing.


New member
I've already read his Mistborn books and those were absolutely brilliant, and now I'm reading the first of The Stormlight Archives and I'm absolutely blown away. He's a brilliant writer who crafts stunning, interesting worlds and cultures and magic systems and I am both jealous and in awe of his ability.

Some of you might know him as the guy who's finishing The Wheel of Time series, but his original books are breathtaking. In fact, I plan to pick up WoT at some point just because he's writing the last three(?) books.

He is amazing.



actually very huggable
Staff member
For the love of god, don't read WoT. Nothing is worth it plus they're nowhere near as good as his original work.

I like Brandon Sanderson. He gets a bit preachy sometimes, but he's a very good writer.


New member
But but but but ... ; ; There's no more Stormlight Archive books until 2012, what else can I do?!

I've heard that he's breathed new life into WoT, anyway. Some people I know said he's pretty much made it readable (again?), but since I've never read the books I can't say I have an opinion on that.

I'm just kind of flailing because of this BS drought ; ; I quite like him, you see.